Women’s jackets are fashionable in autumn 2020

Fashionable jackets in the fall 2020 season delight with a variety of assortment. We invite you to get acquainted with the latest review of trends and decide on your personal favorite!

Current palette

Designers in 2020 have high hopes for classic beige with its inherent versatility and elegance. A jacket in such fashionable colors is regarded by stylists as a very successful investment in the autumn wardrobe, because it is easily combined with all things and makes the image more relevant and sophisticated.

The range of chocolate tones also stands out in the nude palette. Stylists say that such shades look especially rich and noble.

You can warm up brightly and tastefully with the help of a jacket in a stylish metallic coloring. Moreover, the designers complemented not only golden and silver shades with a characteristic brilliance – bright products were also presented with a spectacular radiance.

To disperse the dullness of autumn clouds, you can loudly declare yourself in a brightly colored jacket. Red, yellow, turquoise, lavender, pink, lemon, purple – choose the model to your taste! The novelties in the boho style also had an extraordinary design, which allowed you to include several contrasting colors in your bow at once.

During autumn shopping, you can also take a closer look at the emerald, burgundy and mustard shades of outerwear – as practice shows, they most harmoniously fit into seasonal looks.

Among the prints of autumn 2020, the plaid stands out – a classic motif of the season. This time, the designers have significantly diversified the traditional pattern by offering a large number of color schemes. Fashion collections featured both discreet and rather bright colors. It remains only to choose the option in your style!

The beauty of the checkered pattern lies in its versatility. If the motif includes several shades at once, the fashionista will be able to experiment on her image as often as she likes, choosing things to match each color.

Among the most original motifs of autumn 2020, one can note the patchwork technique, which is a combination of individual patches of fabric. In the assortment of such novelties, both bright and muted jackets were noticed.

A stylish solution for this season is a pair of floral print with similar embroidery. This trend will best tell about your feminine and romantic nature.


Fashionable autumn collections presented practical quilted jackets in a wide variety. The vast majority of brands in the design of such models adhered to the oversized cut. But, in fairness, it is worth noting that the free style can now be supplemented with a belt or belt at the waist to indicate the feminine silhouette of the figure.

Fashionable quilted jackets for fall 2020 can be a winning solution for overweight women. In order for such a choice to be successful, it is worth following the vertical addition of the stitching. Also, stylists recommend sticking to a fitted cut, which perfectly tightens the figure.

military style

The modern direction of military is not at all rude – on the contrary, stylists now offer to play on contrasts and combine a khaki jacket with deliberately elegant dresses. An alliance with jeans and rough boots is also welcome, but it is better to complement it with beautiful styling and makeup so as not to deprive the image of femininity.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that current military-style jackets can now have not only a discreet minimalist design, but many new brands presented with rich decor. So, large buttons, themed patches, decorative buckles and patch pockets are used as stylish decorations in the 2020 season.


Fall 2020 fashion trends have expressed their preference for bomber jackets, which are announced as models for all occasions. Such novelties are great to combine with almost everything, from jeans to an elegant midi dress. In short, if your soul is desperate for stylish experiments this fall, you can use a trendy bomber jacket as inspiration.

It is worth noting that current jackets in this cut may have a detachable fur collar and lining. It is easy for fashionistas to fall in love with such a novelty, in whose cities autumn surprises with changeable weather.


It’s too early to discount puffy jackets – current models that fit perfectly into the everyday style of images. In the 2020 season, designers offer to lower such a style from the shoulders, tie it with a belt or fix it with a zipper.

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Do not leave the fashion sight of designers and classic parks. True, this time many brands have decidedly abandoned the traditional khaki colors and preferred more extraordinary shades of outerwear. The free cut of the product and the creative design of the sleeves also made it possible to make the familiar model stylish and relevant.


What is autumn without a stylish denim jacket? Almost all designers rightly agree with this statement, and offer fashionistas attention to current models from universal denim. It remains only to figure out which cut can deservedly be considered the most fashionable in the 2020 season.

On the basis of current collections, we can say that oversized cut does not go anywhere from the fashion arena, but only strengthens its position. Accordingly, an elongated denim jacket will be the most practical investment in your autumn wardrobe, which will serve faithfully for several years. In favor of its versatility, the classic coloring of denim – blue or light blue – will also work.

If you want something more interesting than the basic denim jacket, bet on the original cut game. For example, an extremely fashionable acquisition in the 2020 season will be a model with a belt at the waist, cuffs or voluminous shoulders. Or maybe a fashionable denim jacket with a charming decor of frills or ruffles will win you over? Just keep in mind that stylists recommend combining creative styles with neutral basic things so that the final fashionable look does not look overloaded.

As an actual decor for denim outerwear, designers also prefer to use long fringes or spectacular sequins.

Denim jackets with a warm lining made of sheepskin or colored fur a la leather jackets did not go unnoticed by designers. Such models will be able to warm the fashionista not only in autumn, but also in winter.

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Leather texture is one of the main trends of autumn 2020. Of course, it also showed itself in the design of current jackets. If you like classic matte leather in black, bet on it, but don’t be afraid to experiment with the outerwear silhouette. For example, a trendy solution this time will be an emphasis on the waist, a loose cropped style…

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