Women’s jackets are fashionable in the fall of 2020

love to wear jackets? Then it’s time to meet the most fashionable women’s models on autumn 2020. Join, it will be interesting.


Current models of autumn jackets

In the fashion world, each new season brings certain adjustments. Some styles and styles leave fashion Olympus for a long time, while others, on the contrary, return from oblivion. And only truly favorite things never leave the fashion pedestal. These include jackets, because without them the basic wardrobe simply will not be considered complete. Moreover, every self-respecting fashionista has two or even three models in her arsenal at once for different occasions. So let’s find out which trends in the jacket segment will be in trend this fall.

  • Blazer jacket. An excellent stylish solution for a warm autumn. This model is suitable for both going to work and for friendly walks – you will feel easy and comfortable in it. Depending on what texture the jacket is made of, it can be combined with a classic suit, jeans and even skirts made of light fabrics. In a word, this is a universal thing that will definitely become the most beloved in your wardrobe. As for the style, most often it is a fitted or straight cut. The maximum length of the jacket-jacket is up to the middle of the thigh. And some designers even offer models with a hood.

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  • Quilted. These original embossed jackets are worn by ladies of all ages. But they are especially relevant for women over 50, because they have everything that is so important for adult fashionistas. This is lightness, freedom of movement, lack of pretentiousness, and, most importantly, protection from the cold, because the quilted fabric, due to its density, perfectly protects from the wind. And it also helps to adjust the silhouette, so you will look very elegant in such a jacket. The presence of excess weight for this model is also not a problem, just choose a vertical stitch line and give up the voluminous style.

  • Biker jacket. Any leather jacket is the undoubted leader of autumn fashion. But the most popular is the legendary leather jacket. Many designers have long equated this attribute of rocker style with the classics and are successfully promoting it to the masses. However, in 2020, leather jackets have undergone a number of changes. For example, the fashion house Versace presented this model in an oversized style, where the main focus is on voluminous shoulders. And Marques Almeida and House of Holland complemented the biker jacket with contrasting inserts. However, the most popular are still the usual short jacketsleather jackets with rivets and belts, because many people like their simple brutality.

[tds_warning]But, if you think that you can wear a leather jacket only in warm autumn weather, then you are deeply mistaken. After all, in 2020 one of the main fashion trends – decorate clothes with natural or artificial fur. And often it has a practical function. So don’t be surprised if you see a leather jacket with a fur collar like Just Cavalli.[/tds_warning]

  • Classic fit. fashion jackets on autumn 2020 does not have to be overly bright and extravagant. For example, for obese women something more elegant and discreet would be better. And here the good old time-tested classic comes to the rescue. Straight cut, length to the middle of the thigh or below, the absence of unnecessary decorative elements, matter that will protect from rain and wind – these are the hallmarks of classic jackets. They do not weigh down the image, perfectly slim, and easily help to hide everything superfluous behind a straight silhouette and not too tight-fitting cut.

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  • Parka. It is difficult to imagine a jacket more comfortable and practical than parkas. This style is the invariable favorite of the autumn-winter fashion for more than a single season, and both ordinary girls and celebrities willingly wear it. So why are parks so loved by fashionistas? Well, firstly, for the fact that they perfectly protect from bad weather. And, secondly, with the help of them it is very easy to create a modern stylish bow. Yes, and there are plenty of interesting models here. For example, in the fall of 2020, the trend will be elongated tie parkas like Frame Denim and Fila. Fur decor, large patch pockets and a hood are also welcome. But the colors are better to choose discreet, like khaki or beige.

  • From denim. A denim jacket is another undisputed favorite of autumn fashion. It is ideal for walking, shopping and everyday wear. After all, everyone knows that denim, and especially if it insulatedwell protected from chilly winds. In 2020, denim toll bows and retro style will be in trend. Jackets from the 80s, worn, elongated version to the middle of the thigh and even decor in the form of pile or flounces – all this is more relevant than ever. Also, to make it not boring, you can experiment with color preferences, and choose not classic blue, but, for example, blue, white or even gray denim.

  • On fur. In our review, we have already mentioned more than once that in 2020, jackets with fur trim are in trend. Moreover, they are relevant not only for winter, but also for the autumn period. Fur can serve as a decor – decorate pockets or be used as inserts. And maybe the real insulation, being present on the cuffs, collar, hood or as a lining. Moreover, famous brands such as Fendi, Burberry, Bibhu Mohapatra and Celine have released autumn jackets made entirely of eco-fur. And it should be noted that they look very expensive and elegant.

If we consider fashion jackets with fur on fall 2020 for teenagersthen bright and even unnatural colors will prevail here – burgundy, deep blue, orange, yellow, pink, etc.

  • Autumn down jackets. We all have long been accustomed to the fact that down jackets are integral attributes of winter fashion. But in fact, you can wear them in the fall, especially if it turned out to be cold. So what will a trendy down jacket look like in 2020? Firstly, it is a shortened version that barely reaches the waist. Secondly, it is a decor in the form of embroidery. Thirdly, these are non-standard sleeves, for example, in the form of a ham or a balloon. And, fourthly, it is an oversized style. Moreover, stylists recommend wearing such voluminous jackets, lowered from the shoulders. In a word, creating an unusual image with an autumn down jacket will definitely not be difficult.

  • Bomber. This style is one of the main fashion trends 2020. Moreover, women of all ages wear it willingly. So, for young fashionistas, designers offer bombers in a boyish style, like Max Mara, Alberta Ferretti or Agnes B. But older ladies should pay attention to leather or textile bomber jackets in retro style. Their distinctive feature is a free cut and no unnecessary decor. Short models without a collar and with an elastic band instead of cuffs will also be very popular.

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  • Shortened version. Short jackets today is amazing too…

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