Women’s jeans: what styles to choose in 2021

Women’s jeans have been trendy for decades, and 2021 is no exception. Styles, shades of denim trousers and their combinations change, but the essence remains the same – everyone looks very stylish in jeans. Let’s try to figure out which jeans will be the most fashionable in 2021.

What women’s jeans will be in fashion in 2021

You should start your journey through the world of denim trousers with the most fashionable styles. When choosing the perfect pair, be sure to pay attention to just such options.

high rise. The advantage of these pants is not only in a stylish appearance, but also in the ability to adjust the figure. High fit, and even in combination with heels, can make legs longer. As an addition to these trousers, short tops or blouses tucked into the belt are great.

Boyfriends. Somewhat daring and provocative, men’s jeans are back in fashion this season. The most stylish among them will be baggy and tapered at the bottom of the model, as well as options with folds and a torn bottom edge.

Torn. Slightly worn or with holes in the full legs – in any case, these jeans will look stylish in 2021. The great love of fashionistas for this model extended her life for at least one more season.

flared. A little forgotten flare also gained momentum in the new year and became very relevant. Moreover, the most fashionable models of this style can be called those whose length reaches the ankle or slightly below the knee.

oversize. Oversized jeans sunk into the soul of girls last year, so again at the height of fashion. They were only slightly supplemented with cuts located on the sides.

culottes. One of the trendiest denim pants for women. They look very feminine, stylish, and go well with shoes with heels.

Classic. Among the huge variety of styles of denim trousers, classic models have recently been lost a little – a straight cut with a medium fit. But in 2021 they were remembered and they regained their former popularity.

skinny. Girls who have a good figure can boast of it in cropped and tight skinny. With them, you can afford to wear an oversized top to dilute the silhouette.

Separately, it should be said about which fashionable women’s jeans in 2021 are best suited for overweight women. The most profitable options for puffy beauties are straight cut styles, boyfriends and pipes. These models will best hide the flaws and create the desired effect. The only thing that overweight women should avoid is a low rise.

The most fashionable decor of 2021 on jeans

The decor on the jeans makes them even brighter and more unusual. On the catwalks this season you can see a huge number of denim trousers, decorated with decor. What decor is the most stylish?

  • Metal details (rivets) – make the image a little rough, but now they are really fashionable to wear.
  • Sequins – with these jeans you can create very bright summer looks.
  • Stripes – the trend for them continues successfully, so you don’t have to throw away your old jeans.
  • Embroidery – bright embroidered elements are very beautifully combined with jeans of different styles.

The denim total bow continues to be very popular today. If you are a big fan of denim, feel free to combine trousers, shorts, shirts and jackets made of this material. This street look looks very casual and stylish.

Other profitable combinations are jeans and leather jackets, coats or raincoats. In the warm season, you can wear anything with jeans – T-shirts, blouses, jackets. When choosing shoes, do not forget that with these versatile pants you can wear almost any shoe – sneakers, sandals, high heels.

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Popular colors and prints of denim pants in 2021

When choosing denim trousers, you should not go in cycles in standard blue, gray and white. While these denim colors for women are still trendy in 2021, don’t forget about new shades too. In the collections of 2021, you can see very light shades of yellow, green, pink, blue. For the warm season, you can pick up jeans in delicate pastel shades – powdery, mint, light coral.

Designers were also pleased with a huge variety of prints. The favorite of 2021 were washed jeans, as well as the following models:

  • Combined. Multicolour patchwork jeans will spruce up your wardrobe.
  • With pictures. Models with images definitely attract attention.
  • With logos. These jeans can be covered with logos of famous brands from top to bottom.

So that all of the listed prints do not look too catchy, the designers decided to make them to match the trousers themselves. You can’t call these jeans modest, so they are suitable for bold fashionistas who love to constantly experiment with their appearance.

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Looking at the photos with images of the most fashionable styles of women’s jeans in 2021, you can be inspired and then recreate individual images. Jeans can be called very versatile clothing, because they are appropriate anytime and anywhere, and can also be easily combined with other things. So the next time you go shopping, be sure to treat yourself to a pair of the most trendy trousers.

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