Women’s leather jackets 2021: what styles will be in trend

From season to season, fashionable leather jackets prove their indispensability in the women’s wardrobe, which is confirmed by the new collections of 2021. A leather jacket is versatile, because it can be worn both in summer and in winter. That is why here we will talk about which leather jackets will be popular in 2021.

What women’s leather jackets will be in fashion in 2021

In the new season, leather jackets have distinctive features – clear lines, various textures and their combinations, as well as extraordinary courage. To look stylish and beautiful in the new year, choose the freshest and most modern styles.

Off Shoulder Jacket. Such outerwear is now in trend, so do not be afraid to experiment. Despite its rather open look, such a jacket is also suitable for the cold season, if you wear a sweater under it or cover the exposed areas with a knitted scarf.

Peplum jacket. New, fresh peplum outfits look very attractive and feminine, so pay attention to such a bold style. If desired, you can choose a model with an elongated or shortened hem.

Asymmetrical cut. In a jacket of this type, everything can be asymmetrical – the hem, the collar, and the peplum. This model looks very bold and impressive.

Combination with denim. This model creates the illusion of double stitching. In fact, this is a very interesting combination of leather and denim.

cropped jacket. In 2021, shortened versions occupy a special place among the models of leather jackets. Their combinations with short sleeves and rhinestone decor also look unusual.

Vest jacket. In this way, you can easily demonstrate not only outerwear, but also what is under it. Of course, this thing is designed for the warm season.

Crocodile skin effect. Leather products imitating crocodile skin look quite luxurious, so this year it is worth paying special attention to them.

accessories. Many models of jackets presented in new collections are generously covered with all kinds of fasteners, zippers, chains, beads, rivets and other accessories.

A leather jacket is an extraordinary thing, because it is able to make youth out of any look. If you want to at least visually become a couple of years younger, such an element of the wardrobe should definitely settle in your closet.

Trendy colors and prints for leather jackets in 2021

When choosing a leather jacket, you should not be limited to models exclusively in black. Courage is in fashion today, so we recommend that you pay attention to such design solutions:

  • Metallic jacket. Jackets with a metallic sheen look very stylish, especially in silver.
  • Leopard print. Finding a model with various elements of leopard coloring is quite easy, because such options are now in trend. With the specified print can be fur, inserts or decor.
  • Embroidery. Color embroidery on a plain jacket looks very bright and attracts attention.
  • Floral print. A floral print jacket is a must-have in your spring/summer wardrobe.

New women’s leather jackets report that in 2021, both basic colors like black, gray and beige will be fashionable, as well as completely new and attractive shades – green, powdery, burgundy, blue and coral. Very unusual options are presented in white, which is flawless and versatile.

What to wear with a leather jacket

What to wear with a leather jacket to look stunning? You should have this question at the stage of choosing outerwear in order to immediately purchase things that will be advantageously combined with each other. Jeans are a constant companion of a leather jacket, because these two elements seem to be made for each other. You can wear a leather jacket with other things from the same fabric, which is called a total look.

If you want to deviate from the classics, then pay attention to the unusual combination of leather jackets and a light chiffon dress. It is better to combine shortened outerwear with a long dress, elongated models of jackets look more advantageous with short dresses.

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When choosing tops for a jacket, opt for thin sweaters, knitted sweatshirts for the cold season, or blouses and t-shirts with slogans for the summer. Bold girls with beautiful legs can combine a leather jacket with shorts made of any fabric.

As you can see, just buying a leather jacket is not enough – it is important to figure out what is fashionable to wear in combination with it in 2021. A well-thought-out look that matches all trends always looks attractive and appropriate.

Among the models of leather jackets that will be fashionable in 2021 are fitted models, oversized options, classic leather jackets, biker leather jackets. This speaks of the versatility and huge popularity of this thing. She is unlikely to ever disappear from the collections of designers, because love for her is boundless.

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You can see ready-made images with fashionable leather jackets that will be popular in 2021 in the photo. They will help you to create your own image, emphasizing your dignity in the best possible way. You definitely cannot do without a leather jacket in 2021, so we wish you good luck in choosing.

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