Women’s loafers are fashionable in 2020

If you are in search of fashionable shoes for 2020, then by all means pay attention to stylish and practical loafers. Such shoes have long migrated from the wardrobe of sailors to the everyday images of modern fashionistas, becoming more diverse and original. Today there are a large number of different models, let’s talk about the most trendy of them and how to combine loafers with various items of women’s wardrobe.


Season trends

Loafers were originally positioned as shoes without frills, but the designers decided to correct this oversight and please fashionistas not only with classic models of shoes, but also with original and sophisticated styles.

We offer a selection of photos of stylish images with various models, which no fashionista should pass by in the new season.

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Leather products are a classic that never seems to go out of style. Such models give the image status, femininity and elegance. Thanks to their practicality, they have won the love of fashionistas around the world, falling in love with both admirers of a strict dress code and casual looks.


One of the stylish options for leather loafers is lacquer models. They look very stylish and will certainly attract the attention of others to the image of a fashionista. Lacquer models require special care, but are more versatile, because they are suitable not only for creating an image in a business style, but also perfectly complement the original outfit for going to a gala event.


Soft and beautiful, such models are in no way inferior to their leather counterparts, but they look more elegant and do not cause discomfort in warm weather. However, suede shoes are completely unsuitable for rainy weather, as they can not only cause wet feet, but also lose their attractiveness.


Velvet shoes are short-lived compared to models made of leather or suede. However, if you’re willing to give up practicality in favor of fashion and beauty, then you can safely look at a pair of velor loafers. Indeed, in the collections of eminent designers, such shoes have been found for more than a season, becoming a faithful companion of fashionistas at all kinds of festive events.


Heeled loafers are not a myth, but very real shoes. Designers prefer models with rather high, but stable heels. The squeak of 2020 is bright products, so do not be afraid to experiment, using stylish models of orange, yellow, red and pink colors to create even a casual look.

On the platform

Platform loafers and contrasting grooved soles will look original and fresh in the new season. These shoes are simply indispensable in the preparation of a stylish everyday urban outfit.


You can create a stylish and trendy look with models without a heel. Despite the fact that loafers are considered demi-season shoes, for warm and dry weather, designers have proposed a stylish variation in the form of slippers. These mules look fresh and stylish.

[stextbox id=’warning’]When choosing loafers without a back, give preference to pointed models, because in the new season they will be at the peak of popularity.[/stextbox]

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with a square cape

The fashionable novelty of 2020 will be loafers with a square cape. In terms of convenience and practicality, they are in no way inferior to their predecessors, but they look very fresh and original, which cannot but please girls who are used to being the center of attention.

With decor

Traditionally, small decorative laces with tassels at the ends and fringe are used as decoration for loafers. This allows you to diversify shoes, add zest to the image.

Also, among the fashionable decor options for this type of shoes in 2020, designers offer to take a closer look at unusual spring models with fur inserts.


The trend for transparency also does not leave the fashion catwalks. Therefore, models with transparent inserts or completely made of plastic are what you need to create a trendy outfit.

With ankle strap

Models with a neat strap around the ankle will be a great addition to a light spring or summer look. They wear such shoes with a skirt or loose Bermuda shorts.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Loafers with an ankle strap can visually shorten the legs, so they are suitable exclusively for long-legged fashionistas.[/stextbox]

What to wear

Loafers allow you to create a discreet, but at the same time quite original outfit. These shoes are easily combined with various items of women’s wardrobe, giving the image a special character. However, to make the image as stylish as possible, you need to know what is best to wear them with.

  • The ideal and most suitable clothing option for creating a fashionable look is trousers. At the same time, the style of pants can be anything, from business trousers with arrows to stylish jeans. You can also make a stylish casual bow with various models of jeans.

  • An office outfit with trousers and a jacket can also be complemented with stylish shoes. Get a practical, comfortable and feminine image in a business style.

  • A combination with a mid-length skirt will create a more feminine and elegant look. These shoes go well with models of various styles, including a trendy pleated skirt. You should be careful when wearing loafers with a pencil skirt, as the look can turn out to be too strict and boring.

  • If you complement the image with a dress with fashionable shoes, you get a gentle and stylish bow. If you want the image to be original, combine shoes with dresses made of light natural materials, complementing the outfit with a cardigan or leather jacket. In 2020, it is extremely fashionable to wear loafers with a straight, formal dress without unnecessary details, preferring solid models.

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Trendy colors and patterns

Fashionable loafers in the new season will differ not only in style, but also in color. Designers have come up with a variety of interesting colors.

  • Among the fashion trends for 2020, loafers in metallic shades should be highlighted. Silver and gold materials have been very popular in the fashion industry for several years now. The thing is that such clothes and shoes allow you to create a stylish and bright outfit, while metallic shades are perfectly combined with other colors, so they easily fit into any modern look.

  • White and black are versatile and functional models. They go great with skinny jeans, a shirt and a sweatshirt. A bright accessory, for example, a handbag, will help to add an image of spectacularity.

  • Beige is perfect for creating feminine looks with bright clothes and restrained shades.

  • Red. Such bright shoes are perfectly combined with ensembles in any colors. Wherein…

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