Women’s overalls 2019: fashion trends, photos of new products

Jumpsuits (jumpsuits, rompers) – these stylish items of clothing flooded the windows of fashion boutiques at one moment. But despite their popularity, jumpsuits are very tricky when it comes to pairing them with other clothing in the right way. Unlike jumpsuits and rompers, which are also one-pieces, jumpsuits can look quite masculine and rough.


Their correct model should be in the appropriate style, with the correct cut and design. Equally important is the clothing worn underneath. Learn how to turn this piece of a farmer’s daughter’s wardrobe into an elegant and trendy outfit in this article. So, let’s look at women’s overalls in 2019, fashion trends are provided in the photo.

Shortened models

The length of overalls can vary, reaching both to the ankles and to the middle of the lower leg, knee and middle of the thigh. Cropped styles are perfect for warm summer days. As a fabric, it is better to choose cotton, denim or even linen. You can combine them with a swimsuit or a crop top. When putting on such a jumpsuit, you need to make sure that it fits snugly and does not add unnecessary volume. Anklets look great as accessories. Shoes can be very diverse. If the jumpsuit is a neutral tone, then you can also put on colored sandals on the platform.

Cropped overalls for the summer season

Short overalls

Floor Length Jumpsuits

The full length denim jumpsuit is a classic versatile piece that every woman should have in stock. It is very easy to create a harmonious outfit with its help. Any fashion magazine will tell you that the number of options for ensembles with this jumpsuit tends to infinity.

Long jumpsuit with sleeves

However, it is worth remembering that you should not try to divert attention from it with the help of accessories. On the contrary, you need to try to highlight the overalls. Under this style, you can wear both a regular top and a peasant-style blouse. In this case, you need to slightly roll up the legs and complement the image with a pair of heeled shoes. It is not necessary to choose too spacious and voluminous overalls. Instead, it is better to give preference to a style that emphasizes natural curves.

Long jumpsuit with belt

Properly selected overalls will emphasize the dignity of the figure, stretch the silhouette and help create a stylish and effective image. There are many options for how and with what to wear this piece of clothing.

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How to choose a jumpsuit?

  1. The jumpsuit should fit well on the figure, emphasize the waist, fit and not hang.
  2. Fitted jumpsuits with wide trousers are suitable for girls with lush hips.
  3. For evening events, a jumpsuit with an open back is perfect.
  4. Curvy girls are advised to wear wrap-around overalls with an asymmetrical shape.
  5. Wearing a belt, you can further emphasize the waist and visually lengthen the legs.

Summer overalls

Summer jumpsuits with open neckline

What to wear?

  1. Denim jumpsuit is great for summer. For a more romantic look, you can wear pumps or sophisticated sandals and pick up a clutch to match the shoes. If the overalls are with shorts, then Greek-style sandals will do just fine.
  2. Linen overalls can be safely put on in the office. Skin-colored pumps, a frame bag and a thin chain are the perfect combination for everyday work.
  3. Red jumpsuit is suitable for evening events. It attracts a lot of attention, so the shoes should be concise, in one color. Sandals with one stripe are most suitable. You can complement the image with small earrings with diamonds or a massive necklace.
  4. With leather overalls, you need to be careful. You can not combine it with high boots. For a bolder look, massive platform boots, a small backpack and a leather beret are suitable for such a jumpsuit. To soften the image and make it more elegant, just wear sophisticated sandals, pick up a laconic clutch and jewelry in dark shades.

Leather models of overalls

The main thing is to find a jumpsuit suitable for the occasion. Complement it with beautiful shoes, suitable jewelry and choose the right bag, and you can safely go out.

Let’s see the options for women’s overalls in 2019: fashion trends are provided in the photo below.

Romper – fashion trend of summer 2019

Different versions of overalls have taken their positions quite firmly and for a long time in the wardrobes of many women, but every year designers offer more and more options for such clothes. So for the next summer season, fashionistas were invited to wear such an original little thing, which is called a romper.

Classic black overalls

What is a romper and how to wear it?

Rompers are summer short overalls, but not with trousers, but with shorts, and this type of clothing is made from a variety of materials. These short overalls are considered self-sufficient and versatile clothing that can be worn for any occasion, for example, on a date, to work, for trips to the beach or ordinary city walks.

Women only need to choose the right piece of clothing, pay attention to the design of this unusual thing, colors, as well as the material from which the jumpsuit was made.

Warm tweeds

So, for example, for any official occasions, it is recommended to select overalls from denser materials and with elongated shorts. On the beach or a walk with girlfriends, you can wear a jumpsuit made of some airy and light fabric.

I would like to note that rompers belong to the category of summer clothes, so for this season it is recommended to choose options for brighter colors and tones.

Fashionable velvet jumpsuit

In principle, this year, those women who would like to buy a romper jumpsuit should not have problems with the choice, as manufacturers have already offered a wide variety of options for this type of clothing, and you can also find overalls in delicate tones or with bright colors on sale. prints. Clothing stores also sell strict office versions of such overalls, and completely creative models, as well as beautiful rompers made of very light and delicate fabrics that can be worn on a romantic date.

For those looking to get the trendiest rompers, bright jumpsuits should be your go-to, but they’re best paired with some simple shoes like flat sandals or clogs, as well as sandals with not too high heels.

Velvet Plunge Jumpsuit

The romper jumpsuit is considered the most self-sufficient piece of women’s wardrobe, and it can be used in combination with any accessories, shoes and other types of clothing to create an endless amount of…

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