Women’s pants: spring 2020 fashion trends

With the approach of spring, every woman is trying to update her wardrobe with new fashionable models. This also applies to trousers – one of the most comfortable, practical things.

For the spring season 2020, designers have prepared many models of various colors and styles – from simple to the most extravagant. Finding your image will help to study the features and varieties of new models.

Trendy colors and prints

The spring of 2020 will please fashionistas with trousers painted in colorful rich shades:

  • yellow;
  • red;
  • green;
  • turquoise;
  • purple.

Saturated shades will add charm to the image and cheer you up.

Classic colors do not lose popularity. Black and white pants can be combined with any outfit. They always look stylish, suitable for women of any age.

Products of pastel colors (pink, coffee, beige, lavender, pistachio) are appropriate for both creating a romantic style and a business one.

Hit of the season – printed trousers. Fashion motives will be:

  • geometric figures;
  • images of animals, flowers;
  • bright stripes, spots;
  • handkerchief drawing.

When drawing up a bow that involves trousers with a print, the main color of the pattern should match the shades of the rest of the clothing details.

Women over 50 should not choose products that depict animals and plants of large sizes.

Pants with wide vertical stripes will suit both full women and girls of short stature. The stripes visually elongate the silhouette, giving the figure a slim figure.

trendy styles

Well-known fashion designers have included models for fashionistas of different age categories in their collections. A fashionable image can be created with the help of trousers of a classic or asymmetric cut, elongated and shortened, narrowed and wide products.

Shortened options

On warm spring days, shortened models are of considerable relevance. They can be worn by women of any age of tall stature with slender legs. For full ladies and women of short stature, they are not suitable.

The choice of styles of shortened products in the spring of 2020 is large:

  1. Culottes are wide trousers, the length of which falls just below the knee, not reaching the ankles. For their manufacture, delicate, flowing fabrics are usually chosen. But for the new spring season, designers have developed models of denim and leather. They can be worn with high boots, raincoats, scarves.
  2. Capris – skinny legs that reach mid-calf. They are well suited to owners of slender ankles and shins.
  3. Bermuda – attract girls with a free cut. Fashion designers advise wearing them with stockings this spring.
  4. Breeches – designed for everyday outing. Black leather breeches in combination with jackets will not let you freeze in the cold off-season. For a warm period, stretch products of various shades are suitable: orange, mustard, burgundy, yellow.

Wide models

Wide-cut trousers are presented at fashion shows by many famous designers. Such models are suitable for women with different types of figure, as they hide the existing flaws.


In the spring of 2020, palazzos are in trend, falling below the ankles, characterized by a wide cut and high waist.

They are sewn both from light fabrics for regions with a warm climate, and from dense ones, intended for women from countries with a cold spring.

Palazzo can be worn without fear even by girls who have a non-standard figure, wide or narrow hips.


Flared models that reach the floor or rise just above the foot became the leader of fashion shows. Wide legs visually reduce full hips, while narrow ones look fuller. This is a universal model for all body types.

Bananas and riding breeches

Bananas that have returned to fashion are distinguished by a free cut. Loose at the top, they gradually taper downwards, but do not fit the leg.

There are both high-waisted and low-rise models. But only slender girls of high stature can wear them, as bananas visually reduce growth.

A model similar to bananas – riding breeches – is no less relevant this spring. For sewing these models, different types of fabric are used. You can wear them with boots, shoes or sandals.

Pant skirt

In the new spring season, designers presented unusual models of trouser skirts. Wide, pleated legs create a skirt-like effect that women of all ages can wear. They make the image more feminine, giving it romance and tenderness.

Skinny models

In the new year 2020, tight-fitting trousers will be no less popular. For owners of long legs, the designers offered a choice of skinny or leggings of various lengths.

Unforgettable classic

Classic trousers are always in trend. In the spring of 2020, straight models with arrows will be relevant. With their help, you can create both a romantic and a business image.

Designers recommend choosing products of basic shades that can be combined with any clothing.


As an alternative to jeans, fashion designers have introduced chinos, suitable for girls of different ages. They differ in the trousers tapering downwards. This model can also be worn in the office, as it does not contradict the dress code.

Any top and shoes are combined with it: sporty and elegant, with heels and flat soles, boots and ballet flats. The main thing is to keep the image in the same style. Accessories don’t hurt either.

Original decor

Designers have not forgotten about decorative details either.

The stripes that adorn some styles will appeal to lovers of casual and sports styles.

The hit of the season was cuffs, previously found in sports models. In the new season, this element is also found in classic models.

An alternative to cuffs can be straps or lacing. They can match the color of the trousers or contrast with them. This will give the image an unusual, fashionable look.

The highlight of the season is high-waisted trousers, decorated with a stylish belt with a buckle or tied with a bow.

A new trend in the spring season of 2020 are products with tucks. With the help of models with folds of lilac or pale blue shades, you can create a charming, delicate bow.

For those who do not want to hide slender legs, designers offer models with cuts that can slightly expose the leg or open it to the hips.

fashion fabrics

Fashionable trousers in the spring of 2020 surprise not only with a variety of colors, shades, but also with the choice of material from which they are sewn. Choose the material depending on the weather conditions of the region.

It could be:

  • denim;
  • suede;
  • dense fabrics;
  • silk.

But the trend of the season has become products made of natural or artificial leather. Leather bows were presented by fashion houses from different countries.

Fashionable styles of leather trousers in 2020 – straight,…

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