Women’s sandals: trendy models for summer 2021

Women’s sandals in 2021 are the very fashionable shoes that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Sandals can be called one of the most comfortable shoes for summer. The designers did a good job so that every girl could choose the most attractive and comfortable model for herself.

What women’s sandals are in fashion in the summer of 2021

If you’re into fashion and always want to look stunning, sandals are a must-have. Now let’s figure out which models will be relevant in the summer of 2021. The most popular models on a flat course today are:

  • “Gladiators”. This model resembles boots rather than summer shoes, because its length can reach the knee. You can wear these shoes with shorts or with a skirt. If you are an extraordinary person and love attention, then try wearing white knee-highs under your sandals. The image is unusual, but original.

  • Greek style. An incredibly feminine sandal model that can complement and enhance any delicate look. These shoes are light, sophisticated and very beautiful. If you think carefully, you can create many interesting looks with the same sandals in the Greek or Roman style.

  • Egyptian style. This model is quite versatile, because it fits perfectly into both urban looks and beach bows. The classic model can be described as follows – it has a flat sole, as well as a couple of straps. But, when creating sandals in the Egyptian style, various decors are often used – bows, beads, rivets. You can wear them with anything, but these sandals will look best in light and sophisticated looks.

  • Sports. Sports models of sandals usually do not have any decor, and look as modest as possible. These sandals are very comfortable, as are the other options of this shoe. The prefix “sports” does not mean at all that they should be worn only in sportswear. In fact, they look great with jeans, trousers, and dresses.

  • fine. Models of sandals for evening looks usually have a more representative appearance, because they are sewn from quality materials, such as leather. You can safely put on such shoes for some summer secular reception, and you will look great in it.

If you like shoes like sandals, then it’s time to start wearing them. Summer 2021 is the time when these shoes will be wildly popular. As mentioned earlier, give preference to flat shoes, because they are in trend today. But, if you want to add a few centimeters to your height, you can pay attention to the options on the platform. Designers have not forgotten about them in 2021 either.

Sandals 2021: trendy colors

To look stylish and bold in the summer of 2021, you need not only to choose a fashionable model of sandals. It is also important not to miscalculate with color. Summer is the time to experiment with your appearance, so you can afford the brightest colors and their combinations, as well as unusual decor and shapes. The color of sandals should be selected in accordance with your taste and the advice of knowledgeable people.

If you like more restrained shades, then you can no doubt buy white and black models, as well as sandals in nude shades – beige, soft pink, cream, brown. For bright and bold looks, sandals of the following shades are suitable – blue, mint, blue, red, orange. In the wardrobe, there must be several pairs of shoes of different colors so that you can compose dissimilar images.

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Sandals with decor: trendy options

Everyone is different, so everyone has their own taste. Designers, trying to satisfy all women, constantly come up with something new and original. We talked about discreet models of sandals, and now it’s time to discuss something more striking.

Very often, designers use various details to decorate shoes, which significantly change its final appearance. Chains are used as sandal decor in 2021. They are able to give the shoes a brighter look, and they wonderfully complement the looks for the summer. From metal products, spikes are used to decorate sandals. Images with such bold shoes are very expressive, but they are not suitable for everyone.

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Weaving is also at the peak of fashion. Straw sandals, lace details and macramé can be seen on the legs of real fashionistas. If you are a brave girl, you can also buy sandals with feathers in bright colors. The designers did not forget about the actual transparent inserts, unusual prints and lacing.

Fringes of different lengths and colors are also used to decorate sandals. Embroidery and eyelets are popular, making the sandals very attractive. And the last effect that I would like to talk about is metallic. The metallic effect looks especially good in summer, because the details shimmer beautifully in the sun.

Summer 2021 fashion trends encourage girls to buy beautiful sandals for their summer looks. There are a lot of models, so a woman of any age will find the perfect option for herself. If you didn’t have sandals in your wardrobe before, it’s time to add them there.

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