Women’s shirts 2021: trends and novelties of the season

In 2021, shirts will definitely conquer the fashion market and women’s hearts. No wonder, because it is a practical and very stylish wardrobe item. We offer a short overview of trends and interesting images.

What women’s shirts are in fashion in 2021

To begin with, let’s figure out what trends will burst into everyday life. To the office, to a concert, to the park and to a meeting with your fiancé’s parents – you can always wear a nice shirt.

With voluminous sleeves. For the second season, this trend does not leave the pedestals, so we brought it to the first place. It is not only effective, but also convenient. It is in the sense that wearing such a shirt you no longer need to complement the image. She herself is the accent of the outfit. Plus, it’s perfect for any body type.

silk. Among the fashion trends of 2021, a silk shirt “stands out” with its satin sheen, which can make any female look festive. It is very convenient if you have an event scheduled in the evening, but you don’t want to return home and change clothes. Give preference to a free style.

Denim. Denim total bow remains relevant. A shirt made of several pieces of denim stitched together also looks original. Or combine different fabrics, for example, cotton (classic) and denim.

Leather. Can be worn over a turtleneck or tee, or on its own. We advise you to get a black or brown leather shirt.

With many buttons. A very feminine variation. To heighten the effect, balance it with flared trousers or jeans.

With embroidery and decor. Witty inscriptions, intricate drawings, chic brooches and ties. Here we offer to connect fantasy.

reverse shirt. An unusual design for those who are not used to following the rules. Buy a shirt with buttons on the back and you will definitely get a lot of compliments.

Male cut. Just look in your MCH’s closet and take one of the shirts. Pair with feminine skirts and heels for a stylish look.

Shirt-jacket. Now these can be seen on the shelves of leading stores. Made from overcoat fabric, imitates a regular shirt. A creative option for lovers of casual style.

elongated. The fashion of the early 2000s – elongated women’s shirts – burst into the game again in 2021. Wear this item outside without tucking in the sleeves.

Women’s shirts 2021: trendy colors and prints

Convinced of the versatility of the shirt, consider the options for colors and textures. Here’s a short list for you:

  • Hawaiian. Summer option, but you can come up with combinations for the cold season. In the heat, wear a floral blouse with shorts, a slip dress and sneakers, and in cold weather with down jackets, a coat and Cossack boots.

  • White. Laconic and no frills. No wonder this is one of Meghan Markle’s favorite things. You can take an example from her with what to combine this attribute of a basic wardrobe. For example, with a pleated skirt, skinny jeans or a long skirt with a vent.

  • blue. Musthave, there’s nothing to say here. Not only in the office, but even in the summer on the beach. Stylists suggest combining a sky-colored shirt with brown, lingonberry and scarlet colors.

  • Striped. Choose this print according to your figure. A puffy body should not wear a horizontal strip, and a tall one should not wear a thin vertical one.
  • Cell. We have already mentioned shirts-jackets. So, this print is perfect for this style. But put off the blouses in the “small square” until better times.
  • animal print. We mean not only the “zebra” or “leopard” pattern, but also small images of birds, horses, cheetahs, giraffes and other living creatures.

  • Bright. A colored shirt is a great tool for creating a solemn look. Choose from red, blue, yellow, purple and green.

How fashionable to wear a shirt in 2021

To consolidate the knowledge gained, we will make some bows with a shirt.


This season, fluffy skirts are in fashion, long with a slit, with fringes … different. Many combinations can be created with the shirt. Heroes of street art suggest wearing a men’s shirt with a pleated skirt. A half tucked-in shirt also looks creative. And on vacation, tie a knot on it.

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With shorts

The shorts themselves create a certain atmosphere of lightness. With light-colored shirts, wear denim shorts, but a printed top will best decorate a plain bottom. You can also wear a long shirt, the main thing is not to overlap the shorts, or tuck the edge of the blouse in front.

With trousers

For an expressive look, take a fresh look at the usual way of wearing a shirt. Drop your shoulders or even put on the shirt back to front. In this case, just ordinary pants will make an excellent company.

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With a dress

Wear a dress over a shirt or vice versa. Depending on the time of year. In summer, a great set is a silk or cotton dress + a light shirt. And in winter, experiment with classic denim or blue shirts and knitted dresses. Just like Victoria Beckham does.

With warm clothes

Both in winter and in summer. Always. Stylists recommend combining a shirt with sweaters and turtlenecks in the cold. Moreover, before we put on a blouse under a warm jumper, now we do the opposite. This warming idea came out to the masses from Instagram.

In our photo selection, we have collected the most interesting and fashionable types of women’s shirts for 2021. Explore and adopt ideas.

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