Women’s shoes 2021: season trends

Shoes are an important element of the wardrobe, so the question of what women’s shoes will be fashionable in 2021 is very relevant. A beautiful and well-chosen pair will make a queen out of a lady. Following fashion trends, and choosing shoes, taking into account personal style and lifestyle, you can choose original shoes.

What are women’s shoes will be in fashion in 2021

The new shoe season is distinguished by a wide selection of bold models of shoes and sandals. They are distinguished by non-standard and bright ornaments, as well as expressive decor.

Fashion shoe trends 2021 will help all ladies create a hot and daring look. Representatives of the fair sex will not have problems with choosing a shade, because the list of trendy colors includes almost all bright and rich colors.

Pumps, mules, platform and wedge shoes, loafers and ballet flats, brogues and oxfords have been and will be in fashion. Fans of non-standard and spectacular models need to take a closer look at the shoe finish. Actual this season will be shoes, decorated with tassels, fringe, mesh. Diagonal stripes are also popular.

Natural colors were used to create shoes in 2021. Instead of neutral shades, pastel colors will be in demand:

  • purple;
  • blue;
  • sand;
  • pink;
  • mint.

Fashion designers also did not forget about colorful bright models. Scarlet, brick, red, emerald color shoes are popular.

Loafers and Mary Janes

The trend of the season is loafers. Models with prints and shiny fittings are especially relevant. These shoes fit easily into a business and casual wardrobe.

Mary Jane is a retro high-heeled shoe that has been given a new lease of life. Shoes with a print, an unusual texture and a “sculptural silhouette” will be popular.

Shoes with chains and gladiators

The list of new products for the coming season includes shoes with chains, chains. New collections delight girls with evening boats with gold ankle bracelets and ballet flats with metal decorations.

Also, the list of popular shoes of the season includes models of shoes – gladiators. These are designer options with straps around the calves. There are such motifs on sandals, platform shoes and sandals.

The presented shoes are combined with elongated dresses, different skirts and classic shorts.

Platform shoes

The style of the 70s in the form of platform shoes returned to the catwalk again. Also in the trend of the season is the platform in combination with the heel. Designers have decorated the presented models with stones, rhinestones, spikes and straps.

These shoes go perfectly with trouser suits and bright dresses.

Narrow toe shoes

This spring, shoes with an elongated narrow cape will be one of the most popular. However, new shoe options have a modest and neat toe.


Knee-length boots will be popular in the spring of 2021. They are suitable for cloudy, cold and rainy weather. These shoes are complemented by lacing, a figured cape and piping. Burgundy and wet asphalt boots will be relevant.

Boots are in perfect harmony with skirts, coats and raincoats.

To add sexuality and audacity to the image, you can choose over the knee boots. These over the knee boots are also at the peak of popularity in the spring season. Opt for red, purple or yellow shoes. They are ideal for raincoats or coats, and look stylish with breeches, shorts and skirts.

Low running shoes

The list of trendy flats in 2021 includes flip-flops, birkenstocks, ballet flats, granny shoes, sandals, clogs and flat loafers.

New varieties of “heelless” shoes attract women because of the non-standard cut and finish. Such models were and will be in trend. Even the most stable heel does not equal a flat sole, especially when creating a look for every day. It is also ideal for obese women or ladies suffering from varicose veins.

Witch’s Shoes

Want to add some magic to your stylish look? Choose witch’s shoes. These are ankle boots with an original design that resemble the shoes of a fairy or a good witch.

Designer models are made in pastel colors and decorated with lace and bows. Fancy heels add piquancy and personality to the shoes.

Choosing shoes in pink or blue, you can decorate the weekend and elegant bow. And shoes in black or white will complement the classic look.

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Square heel

In 2021, classic shoes with massive square heels will also be at the peak of popularity. The tight snug material of the models prevents them from looking too big.

Pair a dress with comfortable square-heeled shoes for a rock and roll look. For summer days, these shoes are ideally combined with sundresses and cocktail dresses.

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These are the most comfortable shoes for every day. It is chosen by all connoisseurs of comfort and an active lifestyle.

The most fashionable models will be bright sneakers with massive soles. Stylists recommend looking at yellow, blue, green shades. Another trend of the season will be sneakers-socks.

To learn about fashionable women’s shoes 2021, and correctly combine them with the image, view the photo selection in the article.

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