Women’s shoes for autumn 2020: fashion trends

Women’s shoes from fashion collections autumn 2020 is a pleasant combination of style, expressiveness and maximum comfort. Each fashionista can easily find a pair for herself, which will become the main highlight of her image. Well, we will help you navigate among the main trends.


Current models of autumn shoes 2020

We each have our own tastes and preferences. When choosing shoes, someone puts comfort and practicality in the first place, while for someone appearance is important. Fortunately, modern fashion designers have foreseen this, and now women simply have a huge selection of various types of autumn shoes.

  • Boots. Prone to classic style, sophisticated ladies have always loved to wear boots. After all, they make the image feminine, and also perfectly combined with any dresses, skirts and coats. This fall, boots will also be in trend. The optimal length is knee-length. Here are the textures of your choice. Among the actual suede, leather, lacquer. As for colors, famous designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Balenciaga, Carolina Herrera and Alberta Ferretti offer to choose something brighter and brighten up the autumn blues with catchy and rich shades.

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  • Boots. This is one of the most fashion shoe models in 2020. Without them, the basic wardrobe will be considered incomplete. However, you should not count on any femininity in the case of boots. The trend is absolute brutality and deliberate masculinity. A distinctive feature of this shoe in the coming season is a rough embossed sole, soldier’s style, high lacing and massiveness. However, all this will be perfectly combined even with skirts made of light fabrics. And you can peep the most interesting images at Christian Dior, ChloeDolce & Gabbana, Rochas and other trendsetters.

  • Ankle boots. These shoes around the world just have an army of fans. And there is nothing surprising here, because ankle boots really cute, comfortable to wear, easy to fit into any look, and unlike boots, they look quite feminine. And this is facilitated by the presence of a heel, a narrowed or square toe and absolutely charming decor elements in the form of fur inserts, bows and nets. An absolute novelty of the season will be ankle boots with a wide shaft. Moreover, such a model is suitable even for an evening bow. If you choose fashionable autumn shoes for obese women, then Viennese-style ankle boots are perfect here. This hit 2020 the year has a flat sole and a minimal rise, so the foot will be very comfortable in them.

  • Treads. Or as they are also called boots-stockings. More recently, this unusual type of footwear was considered an anti-trend and was in deep oblivion. But, starting from last season, over the knee boots are gradually returning to the fashion pedestal. Of course, they have not yet reached their former popularity, but such eminent brands as Prada and Fendi still willingly included them in their autumn collections. So, if you are the owner of long slender legs and are ready to try on a really provocative look, then definitely add over the knee boots to your wardrobe. And for greater expressiveness, give preference to bright shades: red, blue, gold, orange, burgundy.

  • Half boots. Very often, these shoes are confused with ankle boots. However, there is still a difference between them. And it lies in external differences. For example, half boots they cannot have any cutouts that open the toe or heel, and their length is always above the ankle. But, even despite the external nondescriptness, this shoe model is in fashion today. And most of all, it appeals to ladies who gravitate toward a classic or retro style. As for the heel, its height and shape here can be absolutely any.

  • Sport style. Sneakers and sneakers every year are becoming more and more popular among fashionistas, and all thanks to the convenience and versatility. After all, now in such shoes you can not only play sports, but also go to work or even on a date. Moreover, they learned to combine them not only with sweatpants or jeans, but also with skirts, dresses, coats, trench coats. In the fall of 2020, sneakers and sneakers with a high solid sole, which from the side resembles a platform, will be in trend. Also, attention should be paid to massive models, and the novelty of the season sneakers-socks. For fans of retro brands Coach and Rag & Bone have released a collection of sports shoes a la 80s. Eccentric girls can please themselves with trendy sneakers. with a heel.

  • Shoes. If the autumn turned out to be warm, then why not treat yourself to a pair of original shoes. Of course, overly open and sophisticated models will look out of place here. But, for example, practical loafers with square heels or closed pumps with stilettos will come in very handy. If you want autumn shoes without heel, then pay attention to the practical and comfortable wedge heel. It will also be an ideal solution for overweight women. Yes, and the image will be very fashionable.

[tds_warning]If you want to get a really unusual pair of shoes into your collection, then take a closer look at cowboy boots – they are insanely popular today. A distinctive feature of this model is a pointed slightly raised cape, a wide top and a beveled heel. Metal inserts, fringe, straps are used as decor. [/tds_warning]

The main trends in the autumn footwear segment

Now let’s consider fashion trends among shoesthat will be relevant autumn 2020 of the year. Let’s just say, there is definitely something to pay attention to here.

  • Reptile skin. Of course, classic shoes made of natural or eco leather have not gone away from the fashion pedestal, but in the coming season, they will have to make room a little. After all, a new trend is coming to replace – boots or boots made of imitation of the skin of snakes, crocodiles, lizards. It should be noted that such shoes look somewhat extravagant. However, if you like to attract attention to yourself, this is definitely your option.

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  • Print. Not everyone likes monochrome clothes and shoes. And, to the delight of such girls, designers have prepared a number of different print options. Here you have animalistic motifs that have not lost popularity for several seasons in a row, and a discreet cage, and romantic polka dots, and flowers for exalted persons. For very young fashionistas, there are shoes with painted animals, hearts or cartoon characters. And for boho fans, drawings in ethnic style were invented.

  • Fur trim. For cold autumn fashion 2020 also offers a great solution – shoes trimmed with natural or artificial fur. And how much it will be, you choose for yourself. The most fashionable options are when the boots are completely covered with edging. But there are also more discreet solutions. For example, when fur is just a small insert. At the same time, it can have a contrast …

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