Women’s summer fashion 2020

What surprises has she prepared for us summer fashion 2020 for women? Now you will know everything!


fashion palette

Most trendy color summer 2020 is, of course, white. Beige shades are trying to keep up with its relevance, which also look refreshing and stylish.

It is hard not to notice the huge popularity of the pastel palette, which is represented by pistachio, soft green, lemon, lavender and powdery pink shades. As practice shows, such colors reveal all their beauty and sophistication on a silk texture.

The main color of 2020 – classic blue – was also actively involved in summer collections.

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Among the bright colors, red, sunny yellow, green and orange tones are leading in popularity.

Tropical, animalistic and floral motifs are considered successful prints for summer. Invariably in trend and a vertical strip in a variety of color manifestations – this print great slimsso summer fashion 2020 season offers to take it into service for obese women.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the flirty polka dots – it has shown itself superbly in the design of flowing and feminine dresses.


Romantic frills were also among the favorites of summer fashion. This decor was present literally everywhere, so it will not be difficult for any fashionista to pick up novelty to your liking. It is curious that such decoration has no age restrictions and is suitable even for women over 50. Only they should choose a moderate decor. For example, a trampet dress with a light frill at the hem can be a great solution.

Ruffles in several rows, embodying the trend for layering, look especially impressive.

Accent sleeves

The main feature of summer dresses, blouses and shirts can be accent puffy sleeves. Modest lanterns will come to the taste of conservative ladies, and more daring women of fashion will not be able to pass by extraordinary puffs. Plenty of brands have also featured puffy sheer sleeves for a particularly sexy look.

Open shoulders

Dresses and blouses with this style will be a great idea for girls who spend their summers in the urban jungle, and for those who go on vacation to the sea coast. Open shoulders (or asymmetry on one shoulder) look elegant and always emphasize the femininity of the owner. In addition, this style allows you to get a tan without the notorious “straps”.


One of the most exciting trends of the summer season has become the popularity of transparent textures. Moreover, the combination of such material with decor or embroidery is a thing of the past (only prints are allowed). Now, a clean transparent texture has come to the fore, which shows itself perfectly in multi-layered ensembles. Outrageous and seductive lessons are now taught not only by models at shows, but also by the most advanced fashionistas.


The fashion trends of the 2020 season presented costumes in a wide variety. Depending on the weather, you can choose an ensemble with an elongated jacket and flared trousers, as well as an option with a miniskirt or stylish Bermuda shorts. White monochrome, created with the help of a set of clothes, will look especially great. This color scheme is incredibly comfortable in the heat, and it also allows you to emphasize that you are familiar with the key trends.

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Juicy and bright colors are also in the top – it’s summer!


Lace is always the embodiment of femininity and sophistication. In the summer, many girls want to look just like that, so trendy lace outfits will surely appeal to them. If you want to replenish your wardrobe with such a new thing, we advise you to pay special attention to light-colored crochet lace.

Cutouts and cuts

In the hot season, you can and should demonstrate your coquetry along with knowledge of fashion trends. Many designers have relied on incredibly seductive outfits that have deep cutouts and all kinds of cuts. Often such elements collaborate with draperies and assemblies. If you’re a little tired of oversized and don’t mind accentuating your beauty and femininity, this trend is for you!

Slim cardigan with buttons

Have you always considered a cardigan only practical and comfortable clothing, pushing beauty into the background? This summer, you can reconsider your views, because the trend is thin cardigans with buttons, which are extremely fashionable to wear directly on the naked body.

top bra

Many stylists highly recommend including a bra top in your summer wardrobe. The most daring women of fashion can wear the novelty on its own, making a pair with a high-rise bottom. If you do not decide on such a combination, practice creating multi-layered ensembles. For example, such a top can act as a base layer in an image with a jacket.


If the bra top wasn’t your thing, then you’re sure to appreciate the return to the fashion scene of the more understated polo. The most interesting thing is that now such a T-shirt can be entered not only in a sporty look.

[tds_warning]The first thing you can start experimenting with is combinations with different models of skirts.[/tds_warning]


The monophonic alcoholic T-shirt is also experiencing its triumphant return to the list of main trends. She is determined to be a stylish alternative to the basic white t-shirt.

Jumpsuit with belt

The work style jumpsuit with a belted waist and a high rise broke all records for popularity a few seasons ago. In the summer, you can safely continue to wear this practical and stylish thing – she does not even think of leaving the field of view of trends.

Mini length

We present to you a photo-a selection of how the mini-length trend manifests itself, which appeared in summer fashion 2020 season for women. This time it was decided to compete with short dresses and skirts with micro shorts – a trend for the most daring beauties. In general, any ways to create an accent on slender legs are welcome!

Chains and pearls

If we talk about trendy jewelry for the summer season, then first of all it will be possible to highlight massive chains and chains, as well as a lot of pearls.


Shoes serve as the final stylish touch in the image. When choosing it, we suggest focusing not only on your own preferences, but also on current trends – for sure, these concepts will intersect!

  • A definite must-have for the summer season is shoes with weaving elements. This is not only a trendy, but also a very practical solution – in such models, the skin of the legs breathes, and the girl feels comfortable.
  • The trend is also mesh and translucent inserts that give summer shoes a unique zest.
  • Designers in the 2020 season staged a real competition – who will come up with the most creative and original heel? What is closer to you – a transparent element, a heel in the form of a beveled triangle, a cylinder, a square or a ball?

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