Women’s summer shoes 2019: new items

The fashion trends of 2019 in the segment of summer women’s shoes literally turned the old foundations upside down, as sandals, shoes and clogs with a rather eccentric design are relevant today. Therefore, if you have not yet bought yourself a new pair of summer shoes, we suggest that you get acquainted with the latest trends and novelties of the season, which are presented in our article.


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Taking for the motto the phrase that there are never too many beautiful shoes, the designers offered modern women of fashion just a colossal assortment of all kinds of pairs. From all this diversity, we have selected the main models that will be the most in demand this summer.

  • With weaves. Decorative inserts that look like a net for catching fish are a very unusual and at the same time practical decor, as this kind of weaving provides additional ventilation to the leg. The design of such shoes can be both simple and completely sustained in a marine theme, for example, with accessories in the form of shells, starfish or fish.

  • transparent. For lovers of the fairy tale about Cinderella, the designers offered completely transparent shoes made of plastic and silicone. And those who find this format too creative can give their preference to simpler options with transparent inserts.

  • Pointy nose + low stroke. Shoes with a long pointed nose have been at the top of modern fashion trends for several years now. But this season, it was supplemented not with the usual high heels, but with a low glass. Do not ignore the long-nosed options in the form of ballet flats or flat soles.

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  • In sports style. Athletic shoes have long ceased to be an option exclusively for fitness. In this regard, in addition to standard sneakers, moccasins and sneakers, shoes, sandals, clogs and sandals designed in a sporty style were also presented at the shows. Their main distinguishing feature is rather contrasting color combinations, as well as decor in the form of inscriptions with the names of famous sports brands.

  • With a fringe. Another well-established trend that has not lost ground for several seasons. Fringe can be decorated on both the front and back of the shoe. As for the length of the fringe itself, this summer it should be long and completely cover the leg.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The fashionable novelty of 2019 in the segment of summer women’s shoes was the model of sandals, sandals and clogs, decorated with colored feathers. As with fringes, feathers may be present How in the form of simple contrasting inserts, and be the main decor of the entire product.[/stextbox]

  • Fabric. Textile shoes are another hit that will certainly appeal to modern fashionistas. Bright models, decorated with ornate abstract patterns, floral motifs and even whole art will be a real find for creating a trendy summer bow.

  • On the platform. This shoe can rightfully be called basic, as it is ideal for everyday wear. Models on the platform mostly have a simple and very restrained design with decor in the form of several transverse strips or small bows, as well as a backdrop.

  • On a flat sole. A very thin and almost invisible sole today has become one of the most relevant trends of this year. And all because, in addition to the unusual appearance, such shoes are also comfortable to wear, since the sensations create the effect of a bare foot.

  • With cutouts. Shoes with a closed front and open heel, or with cutouts on the sides that expose a small part of the leg, allow the skin to “breathe”, while making the female leg more elegant and fragile.

  • On lacing. Like last year, this summer, too, a “boom” for lace-up shoes is foreshadowed. However, today the laces perform not only a decorative function, but also a practical one, since such shoes, thanks to uncomplicated weaves, reaching up to the ankle in height, are securely held on the foot.

  • In a cell. Plaid is the main trend of recent seasons, so the designers decided to decorate summer shoes with this print. Classic tartan, colorful multi-colored combinations or checkerboard colors successfully fit into the design of sandals and sandals.
  • With an unusual heel. Heeled shoes are a basic classic that has not lost ground over the years. Therefore, in order to diversify such models, designers have proposed this season options with a textured heel in a somewhat futuristic style. As for the shape itself, it can be products with a heel in the form of a cylinder, ball, square, rectangle, wavy shape and straight, etc.

  • Massive. A rough thick sole goes well with airy summer dresses, thereby emphasizing the femininity of its owner. In addition, such shoes are so popular today that stylists recommend even office and evening outfits to complement them.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! For overweight girls, massive shoes, especially with tractor soles, are an absolute taboo.[/stextbox]

  • Brilliant. Summer shoes are now distinguished not only by a bright floral design, but also by an abundance of silver rhinestones, sequins and lurex, which completely cover the entire product. According to stylists, you can wear such shoes not only to parties, but also to complement even everyday outfits with it.

Types of summer shoes

In addition to the design features, fashionistas should pay no less attention to the styles of summer shoes directly. Below we have given the most relevant options for the upcoming season and their illustrative photo examples.

  • boats. Classic shoes in light beige tones are basic shoes that are perfect for an office or evening look. But to make a daily bow, it is better to give your preference to bright models of red, orange, purple and green.

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  • Mules. Not “left” the world podiums and shoes with a closed toe and a fully open heel. Like last year, laconic options on a thin, low-heeled glass still remain fashionable. Do not bypass the low-speed models, decorated with stones or embroidery.

  • Ballet shoes. This is a fashionable and at the same time comfortable representative of summer shoes, which must be present in the basic wardrobe. In 2019, models with a long pointed or open toe will be in trend. As for the design, summer ballet flats must be kept in a light palette, but brighter options are also allowed.

  • Espadrilles. Another “old-timer” of our rating, which will be in demand this summer as well. After all, espadrilles are shoes that can be worn both on the beach and for a walk with friends, combined with jeans or colorful sundresses.

  • Sandals. Not a single spring-summer season can do without them. This year, in addition to classic models,…

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