Women’s sweaters – an overview of trendy models

The 2018 season will delight you with fashion trends in women’s sweaters that will definitely not leave you indifferent. Stylish novelties are so cozy, comfortable and beautiful that fashionistas cannot resist and replenish their wardrobe with brand new sweaters. Find out from this article what fashion offers us to bask in this year?

Fashionable knitted sweaters

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Main trends

  • Fur decor became relevant a few seasons ago and decided to linger among the main trends. Fur pockets, collars or cuffs have become a stylish decoration for jackets of various styles. Both bright decor (for example, yellow, purple) and its pastel colors are in fashion.

Jacket decorated with fur

  • Knitted sweatshirts in military style look bold and cool. At the same time, the cozy material softens their brutal character and makes sweaters suitable for everyday bows.

Women’s jacket in military style

  • Women’s knitted sweaters decided to surprise this season with fashionable accents on the sleeves. The creative impulses of designers knew no bounds, and fashionistas definitely liked these experiments. In popular boutiques and the mass market, you can easily find sweatshirts with puffed sleeves, bells, with a voluminous or flared cut.

Jacket with unusual sleeves

  • Large knitting this season is super cool. Fashion suggests that this trend plans to linger in 2019. Therefore, sweatshirts with large curly elements, braids and viscous with a large pattern are a practical investment in a fashionable wardrobe.

Women’s jacket in large knit

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  • Models with a bare shoulder are not only feminine, but also very stylish. They are proposed to be worn not only as an independent thing, but also combined with blouses and turtlenecks. This fashion will definitely not let you freeze this winter!

Stylish one-shoulder sweater

  • Fashion trends have not been without creativity – sweatshirts with an asymmetrical cut are an excellent confirmation of this. Any experiments on style and cut are welcome.

Asymmetric sweatshirt

  • Remember when it was fashionable to combine blouses and shirts with jumpers? This season, the designers agreed to return this tandem. And women of fashion do not mind, because such a combination is practical and beautiful.

Shirt under a jumper

  • As for the style of the sweater, today fitted and loose models compete in popularity, and so far they are equally relevant. Focus on the features of your figure when choosing and choose the cut that suits you.



The most fashionable materials this season are:

  • jersey;
  • wool;
  • angora;
  • mohair;
  • jacquard.

Beautiful and fashionable sweaters from different materials

Color palette

The variety of colors is so diverse that you will surely want to replenish your wardrobe with brand new stylish sweaters. The most top shades are recognized:

  • red pear;
  • olive;
  • violet;
  • red orange;
  • brown;
  • burgundy;
  • Ceylon yellow;

Fashionable color palette

  • blue;
  • blue;
  • grey;
  • pink;
  • lavender;
  • beige;
  • powdery.

Trendy colors

As you can see, both delicate pastel colors and pure saturated shades are in trend.

Popular Models

Cropped sweater

Designers loved the crop top so much that they decided to give it a new life in the autumn-winter season. Only now these are warmer options – knitted, voluminous and with long sleeves. On the basis of such a trendy thing, fashionistas can create an infinite number of stylish outfits.

Fashion crop top

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Note! A bare belly and low-rise clothing are firmly entrenched in the number of anti-trends. Therefore, we advise you to combine cropped sweaters with a skirt or trousers with a high waist. A combination with a sheath dress will be creative and fashionable. Be sure to remember this idea for a variety of working onions.


Fashionable crop top

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Lurex sweater

It is so cozy and beautiful that it cannot leave any fashionista indifferent. The shiny texture looks stylish and impressive, and at the same time restrained and unobtrusive. Therefore, you can safely add a sweater to your daily looks. In this case, one sparkling thing will be enough. A cool outfit for a party will turn out when combined with metallic accessories, which are also in fashion.

Fashion sweater with lurex

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The most trendy were sweaters made of blue, gray and pearl lurex with a gray tint.


Fashionable look with a lurex sweater

High Neck Sweaters

Please do not confuse with a turtleneck! This sweater has a more voluminous cut, but at the same time a high neck, like a turtleneck. Such a stylish novelty is perfect for bows in various styles. She can even claim the proud title of the basic thing in your wardrobe. Practical and versatile – this sweater is perfect for this role.

Fashion sweater with a high neck

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Oversized knitted sweater

Fashion trends this season welcome when a thing is not only beautiful, but also comfortable. And who doesn’t love these cozy voluminous knitted sweaters? They are so warm and comfortable that even the most severe winter will be nothing.


The color scheme of such models will be very diverse. You can choose classic black and white or blue. Or you can prefer deep tones of emerald, wine or berry color – very stylish! Do not forget about pastel sweaters – indispensable elements of romantic and feminine images.

Oversized sweater

At fashion shows, we noticed one interesting trend and we are in a hurry to share it with you. Voluminous mohair sweaters today are welcome to combine with abstract or floral prints.

Sweater with floral print

Oversized sweater

The plus size sweater has been waiting for its high point since last season, and here it is. We advise readers to have at least one such model in their wardrobe. If you choose a sweater of your favorite color and the right cut, he will help you out more than once in a situation code-named “I have nothing to wear!”.

Fashionable oversized sweater

The main trends advise fashionistas to choose sweaters with a rather deep neckline and in bright colors. Too bold? But why not take a chance and make this winter more interesting? You can drop the collar over your shoulders for the most seductive look. Mix voluminous models with jeans, trousers with arrows and leather leggings.

Oversized sweatshirts

A fashionable ovesize sweater can be made of “grass” yarn, as in the photo. Volumetric fluffiness looks cute and cozy – what you need for the cold season.

Oversized weed sweater with geometric print


One of the most indispensable women’s sweaters for autumn 2018 is fashionable turtlenecks. They are comfortable…

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