Women’s sweaters: fashion trends 2021

Every woman has in her arsenal a convenient, comfortable and so warm sweater. A well-deserved respect for this piece of clothing stretches from the depths of centuries. In 2021, women’s sweaters will not only be warm, but also fashionable. These are stylish things that are ideally combined with jeans, skirts and help create a stylish women’s bow.

What women’s sweaters will be in fashion in 2021

Coarse knit with large braids, high collar – this is what is clearly visible in all the latest collections. Bright models, various styles will complement the image of a lady. These are universal things, as they are suitable for any age. Fashionable women’s sweaters in 2021 were selected from the pages of the most fashionable publications.

The novelties of the upcoming season will appeal to the most demanding fashionistas. Just look at the top ten most popular products. Every woman is sure to look after something for herself.

Fashion sweater: top 10

The world’s best couturiers offer ideal options that perfectly complement the image and warm in the cold season.

  • Women’s knitted sweaters in 2021 remain in trend for the fashionable winter season. Fans will definitely appreciate the novelties not only with braids, but also with pompons. This small decor can be used both on the entire surface of the product, and on its individual parts (sleeves, yoke).

  • This is a wardrobe item that is repeated in new seasons, but in a slightly different interpretation. The Scandinavian-themed print is especially actively used by fashion designers.

  • Original, not quite the usual fashion trend – voluminous sleeves. They were popular in the 80s of the last century. But everyone knows that fashion is back. That’s what happened this season. It can be a bell shape or a small accent in any part of the sleeve. Such an element looks not only fashionable, but also original.

  • Fashionistas should pay attention to another novelty of the season. One shoulder sweater that is trendy in 2021. Models with a high neck but bare shoulders also look original.

  • Bag-shaped models and elongated ones in the form of a tunic or a warm dress remain in the trend.

  • The Scottish cage is in demand. Fashion for her came from Britain. It was the royal family that popularized the tartan or argyle ornament, which is still fashionable today, consisting of rhombuses. It was such a fashionable sweater that was presented at the last Christian Dior show.

  • Cold weather is not a reason for sadness. Bright accents in sweaters remain fashionable. Experts say that such paints can raise the level of endorphins and improve the mood not only for the owner, but also for those around them. For example, W. Bethem offered a bright sweater as an antidepressant for those who are familiar with the winter blues. She boldly combines several juicy shades in one product.

  • Oversized sweaters do not leave the fashion catwalks. Volumetric, often knitted models are presented in a rich assortment. Not only beautiful knitting is used. An abundance of decor in the form of inserts made of wool, leather, lurex thread, beads is welcome. Production material – wool, angora, cashmere, alpaca.

  • Sweaters with lacing will become super fashionable. Ribbons, leather cords are intertwined on the back, on the sleeves or on the chest. In any place, such a design decision will be appropriate, and therefore fashionable.

  • Openwork sweaters give the image a special solemnity. Delicate, airy, they are able to completely change the bow. Openwork is present on the front shelf, repeated on the sleeves, or the sweater is completely openwork. Such products do not go out of fashion. Our grandmothers wore them, they are no less popular among contemporaries.

Innovations that many did not know about

Among the fashionable variety, it is worth highlighting the recently appeared fur sweaters. Made from artificial or natural fur. There is such material in the details or the product is completely made of fur. They do not have a high collar. This is a kind of highlight in the image of a luxurious woman.

Another novelty that promises to become a trend is sweaters made from thick yarn. Fashionable women’s sweaters 2021, presented in the photo, or one of the selection, should be every woman who is jealous of her appearance.

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Popular colors with which to combine sweaters

All the fair sex give personal preference to one color or another. But fashion dictates its own rules. The trendy color of the sweater in 2021 is:

  • unchanging classics – black and red;
  • beige;
  • lactic;
  • peach;
  • pistachio;
  • tender lilac;
  • mint;
  • Gray.

A delicate palette of colors is presented here, but burgundy, raspberry, red, blue are no less popular. Designers pay special attention to sweaters made in two colors. It is black and white or gray combined with beige.

These clothes are warm and comfortable. It is fashionable to wear a sweater with:

  • jeans and trousers;
  • skirts
  • leggings;
  • capri;
  • pricks;
  • shorts.

For voluminous and loose sweaters, it is a little more difficult to pick up the bottom. If you do it wrong, you can get a sloppy image. They are best combined with tight skirts or tight, skinny jeans, leggings. There is a misconception that oversized sweaters do not fit the classic style. It’s just a myth. Therefore, feel free to wear an office skirt or trousers. The style will be inimitable, fashionable.

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The abundance is amazing. Fashionable women’s sweaters in 2021 are represented by a huge assortment. The most stylish woman demanding her appearance will definitely find an interesting offer for herself, which will emphasize her unique image even in the winter season.

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