Women’s sweaters for autumn 2019: fashion trends

Fashionable sweaters in the fall 2019 season gravitate towards comfort and coziness in a successful combination with style. You will definitely like these trends!


Trendy colors and prints

The undisputed favorites of the season are green, sand and blue shades. Designers also offered to drive away the cold with juicy and bright colors. A real antidepressant can be an orange or red sweater.

If you are a fan of darker and deeper tones, take a closer look at the trendy eggplant and black-purple palette.

The traditional autumn tones of dark chocolate and the gray palette will remain popular. Also in trend are white and beige sweaters that look especially cozy.

For several seasons in a row, prints of the northern theme remain relevant – snowflakes, deer, snow-covered huts. Sweaters with such patterns look very cute and touching.

Plaid, stripe and rhombus are the classics of knitted fashion, which remain unrivaled in the 2019 season. Especially fervently, these prints look in a fashionable multi-colored design.

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Logomania touched all trendy clothes, including knitwear. That is why knitted sweaters with letters, logos and various inscriptions will be one hundred percent hit in fashion trends. A great way to tell the world about yourself!

White sweater

Undoubtedly, a fashionable and practical purchase for the autumn season is a white sweater. It is perfectly combined with any things and styles, looks sophisticated and relevant.

The fall 2019 trends offer a lot of design choices for trendy white sweaters. First of all, these are voluminous sleeves, original patterns, a wide neckline, additional sleeves tied at the chest and asymmetry.


The unconditional must have of the last seasons is a sweater that is visually larger by 2 or even 3 sizes. Such a cozy novelty is easily brought into the rank of favorite things, because it perfectly warms and looks stylish.

The distinctive features of this model are expressed in a free cut, elongated sleeves, lowered shoulder lines. Muted powdery shades that look gentle and sophisticated are recognized as the most relevant palette for ovalize sweaters.

Often the parameters of an oversized sweater allow you to use it as a dress. The highlight of a free cut is that it makes the figure more fragile and elegant, and the image is feminine. It is also fashionable to combine an oversized sweater with jeans, a miniskirt and a pencil skirt. You are sure to come up with many more stylish combinations!

Laconic cut

Simple models with a semicircular or boat neckline are also named a topical wardrobe item in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season.

Sweaters in neutral colors are ideal as basic models. But many of the options proposed by the designers looked original and interesting due to shiny threads, bright prints and overhead details.

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Bare shoulder

In romantic and playful looks, stylish open-shoulder sweaters will be appropriate. They prove that the cold is not a hindrance for chic and flirty bows.

If desired, such a sweater can also be written off as an everyday bow. To do this, you need to consider a combination with a shirt.

Emphasis on the shoulders

Designers have introduced several more novelties in their collections that allow you to create a spectacular accent in the shoulder area.

A one-shoulder sweater will add a more romantic mood to your look.

It can be a carmen neckline, asymmetry, a deep V-shaped neckline that allows you to open your back or shoulder.

voluminous sleeves

Experiments with the area of ​​the shoulders and sleeves continue! Sweaters with original sleeves occupy a worthy place among the fashionable favorites of this autumn. Their form is subject to stylish transformations. The most stylish option is the bell cut with a spectacular expansion at the bottom.

Knit fashion 2019 also highlights puff sleeves, which create a cozy feeling and visually increase volume. Skinny fashionistas, take note!

Volumetric decorative details can also create an emphasis on the sleeves. This season, designers decided to use coarse yarn, embroidery, sequins and bulky knitting.

high neck

An ideal option for stylish warming is a cozy sweater with a high neck. Such a model can even replace a scarf, because it perfectly protects the throat. In addition, this technique visually stretches the figure – the fashionista looks taller and slimmer.

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Models with a high neck can be worn with skirts, trousers and jeans of various styles. They are also not averse to experimenting with outerwear of any style.

Garcon style

A sweater in the style of a garcon can be calculated by long stretched sleeves, deliberate negligence and large coarse knitting.

It is fashionable to combine such models with leather clothes and high boots or sneakers. It turns out a ready-made formula for a stylish and daring look.

Shortened length

Fashionistas with a perfect waist can demonstrate their dignity even in the cold season. All you need is crop sweaters. Stylists recommend combining such shortened models with any high-rise bottom, whether it be a skirt, trousers or jeans.

Fashionable combination of a cropped sweater and high-waisted trousers

The most current models with a shortened length are complemented by original patterns and unusual sleeves, for example, in the form of a bell.

Original large knit

Large volumetric knitting is not only a tribute to fashion, but an excellent salvation from the cold. Embossed patterns look especially impressive in combination with delicate pastel colors. The relevance of such models is very easy to calculate: the more complex and intricate the pattern, the more fashionable the sweater is.

mohair sweater

Fluffy mohair is a fashionable material for making knitwear. This is a very pleasant to the touch texture, which is impossible not to fall in love with. Fashion houses presented mohair products in delicate peach, nude and raspberry shades.


A fashion trend that is recommended for all fashionistas to note is a sweater with a knitted choker. As a rule, this style looks amazing with an open neck with a large neckline.

Such a design move looks incredibly feminine, and brings a touch of elegance to any bow.


Another stylish novelty is a sweater with slits that can be located on the sides, front, waist and sleeves. Look at the photo how stylish it looks.

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