Women’s sweaters for autumn 2020: fashion trends

Without fashion sweaters wardrobe on autumn 2020 will definitely not be complete. In this article, we tell you what new items first of all deserve the attention of fashionistas!

Stylish models for autumn 2020


In the fall 2020 season, designers once again let fashionistas breathe freely: oversized knitwear is always at the peak of popularity. The desire for freedom and comfort has touched even everyone’s favorite turtlenecks – now they are presented in such a cut that does not allow the contour of the underwear to shine through.

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The most interesting thing is that oversized sweaters can be worn not only in a relaxed, straightened form. This fall, many fashionistas will casually tuck this top in half to adjust the feminine silhouette and make the final look more stylish and clear.


Few people associated warm and cozy knitwear with femininity and seductiveness. But in the 2020 season, designers have figured out how to give such products a new attractive mood. Fresh chip new products in the world of sweaters, various cuts and cuts have become, which are practically not regulated by fashion trends. Accordingly, you can choose any decor that harmoniously fits into your style and does not contradict your personal level of modesty.

Accent sleeves

When creating the autumn 2020 collections, many brands decided to add an avant-garde reading to the familiar sweater due to the creative play of the cut. So they became relevant knitted products with original voluminous sleeves. This trend most often manifests itself in the accent line of the shoulders or the “bishop” style with tapering to the cuffs.

Open shoulders

Since past seasons, many fashionistas have been familiar with sweaters with an open shoulder line. If you are a fan of such products, you can safely wear them in the new season – such a sensual cut is still very popular.

In the fall of 2020, it will not be too late to try on a sweater with an open shoulder line for the first time. Such a cut will make the image more sensual and attractive.


Leading autumn 2020 trends also declared fashion sweaters with V-neck. But this model is famous not only for its popularity. According to the stylists, the classic cut fits perfectly on any figure and, if necessary, corrects it. For example, this style will perfectly cope with the visual lengthening of the silhouette and the illusion of harmony. It will also make the neck more elegant, and visually add volume to the chest.

With open back

An unusual and attractive look conquer models of sweaters with an open back. The cutout on one of the most beautiful parts of the female body can be represented in the form of the letter V, but experiments with lacing will also be appropriate.

A sweater in such a sensual style is ideal for early autumn, when the weather is still warm and sunny. With the rapid decrease in temperature, a fashionista will need a combination with a stole or scarf for warming.

creative knitting

Many girls believe that knitwear with voluminous ornaments has lost its relevance by the 2020 season. In fact, they are still with us, but in a new reading.

For example, sweaters with braids no longer have a tight fit. This fall, a more relaxed and loose fit is welcome.

On actual oversized sweaters, other knitting variations are also welcome: bumps, stripes and spikelets. Airy and feminine products with openwork also remain in trend, but now designers prefer to choose delicate pastel colors for such models.

Decor with feathers

Of course, in the fashion assortment there was a place not only for basic, but also for rather extraordinary novelties. For example, sweatshirts with feather decor became an original solution. The practicality and versatility of such models is in doubt, but their bright stylish look can definitely be called a key advantage. Not everyone is wearing black turtlenecks!

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New in the palette

Pastel colors

Fashion 2020 season is very partial to pastel colors, and the current range of sweaters only confirms this. Surely on autumn shopping you will meet a lot of knitwear in blue, lavender, lilac, powdery and lemon colors. If you like any model in this performance, feel free to go with her to the cashier – in such a sweater you will be the most fashionable this season!

In addition to relevance, pastel-colored sweaters have another significant advantage – such models remarkably transform the appearance. Having tried on such a novelty, you will surely find with pleasant surprise that the fashionable image has become more fresh, young and tender.

Bright colours

A brightly colored sweater perfectly transforms the usual autumn bows and takes them to a new fashionable level. If you want to avoid seasonal apathy, then you can take on the relevance of knitwear in juicy shades. In the 2020 season, yellow, orange, lime, red, blue, hot pink and blue tones are recognized as the most fashionable.

So bright sweaters wear in the company of a neutral bottom, thereby denoting the main focus in the image. But there is another, more unusual way. He suggests combining several solid bright colors in one bow at once according to the color blocking principle. Perhaps this is the most fashionable way to stand out from the crowd this fall!

Neutral Gamma

In the fashion palette of the autumn season, neutral beige, white, milky and gray tones are also announced. Stylists call such tones achromats, which means that they can be easily combined with any clothing.

his majesty print

print on a sweater is definitely a trendy idea to update the autumn wardrobe 2020. Let’s figure out what motifs will be the most stylish this season!

So, this year, multi-colored cheerful stripes, animalistic motifs in a natural palette, ethnic and abstract drawings, as well as exquisite accents in the form of flowers, buds and twigs rule the ball. A printed sweater always looks more interesting and dynamic than a basic solid color model, so it definitely deserves a place in the autumn wardrobe.

Stylish layering

Having dealt with the latest news in the world of sweaters, many readers probably want to know what they are wearing. combine to create stylish looks. In this case, we hasten to inform you that the most fashionable trick of autumn 2020 is the use of layering. This move allows you to combine the sweater with a basic shirt, T-shirt or turtleneck for tasteful insulation.

To make a layered bow look expressive, stick to the contrast of the elements used. It is also worth making sure that each subsequent bow is denser and warmer than the previous one – this is the secret of the stylish look of a multi-layer outfit.

Fashion combinations

In addition to multilayer combinations, stylists have in their arsenal many other relevant ideas on the topic …

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