Women’s sweaters for autumn 2021: fashion trends

Designers never cease to delight women with fashionable and stylish sweaters, and fall 2021 will be no exception. In the new season, the trend will be models of different shapes, styles and colors. Fashionistas will be able to choose those that they like. Volumetric sweaters in muted shades will make the image warm and cozy, bright models with unusual cutouts will add playfulness and carelessness. From the article you will learn all about trendy sweaters for autumn 2021.

What women’s sweaters will be in fashion in the fall of 2021

Modern fashion is characterized by freedom of choice. A variety of sweaters presented by designers for the new season allows you to choose a style, color and texture that meets the requirements of every woman.

Among the fashion trends for autumn 2021, special attention should be paid to the following models of sweaters:

  • with volume knitting, braids and patterns;
  • with a high neck;
  • flirty cutouts and slits;
  • with applications of various shapes;
  • elongated, with an asymmetrical bottom;
  • shortened original models;
  • sweaters with unusual sleeves;
  • oversize;
  • with bare shoulders.

Next, we will introduce you to the fashion trends for autumn sweaters 2021 in more detail, and tell you what is the best way to combine stylish models.

Asymmetry with lengthening at the back

The novelty of the season will be sweaters, the length of which is longer on the back than on the front. Similar models can be worn with tight trousers with a high waist, as well as with a short skirt in a contrasting color. Interesting and non-trivial images are obtained.

soft mohair

A real fashion hit of the season is a mohair sweater. Such models are extremely versatile, they can be combined with things of various textures, for example, with tweed, woolen, leather. Particular attention should be paid to models in a delicate light palette. You can wear these sweaters with anything. But they look best with jeans and trousers.


Free-cut models continue their fashionable procession. In the autumn season, there are many variations of oversized products – knitted, with accent sleeves, ties, asymmetrical cut and others. In addition, the models are incredibly versatile, because with them you can easily make a fashionable set with almost any bottom option.

Deep cut back

A sophisticated and feminine look for autumn can be created with a stylish sweater with an open back. Take a closer look at models that have a deep neckline in the back combined with a high neck in front. Looks fresh and original.

Long sleeves

Accent sleeves are a hit of the last season. The designers decided that this option should remain in trend in the new year. Therefore, feel free to buy sweaters with elongated loose sleeves, which can even hang down a little. A stylish addition will be lacing along the entire length of the sleeve with bow ties at the bottom. This will give the image of charm and additional style. High-waisted skinny jeans are the perfect finishing touch.

With lightning

One of the practical options for decorating a sweater can be considered a zipper. It simultaneously plays the role of decoration and is a functional element. A fitted sweater with a zipper with a high neck looks very concise.


Crop sweater perfectly complements the looks with trousers and jeans. It harmoniously fits into any fashionable outfit. The cropped model with long sleeves will be a real fashion hit in the fall of 2021, so be sure to pay attention to such products.

High neck and off the shoulder

A stylish and spectacular look is obtained with a sweater that combines two trends at once – a high neck and cutouts on the shoulders. A thick collar to the very chin will warm you in cool weather, and slightly bare shoulders will give the image of trepidation and tenderness.

Popular prints and colors

Along with a variety of styles and decorative elements, fashionistas can experiment with prints and colors. Fashionable sweaters this season will be bright and discreet colors, striped, plaid, ethnic ornament. Do not forget about the inscriptions and drawings, this decor will give the image a special mood. Consider the most trendy color options.

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Not only original styles and silhouettes will distinguish fashionable sweaters, but also bright colors. Among the most trendy options are crimson, orange, yellow, red and other shades. Particular attention should be paid to multi-colored models, for example, in colored wide stripes. These trendy sweaters are perfect for plus size women, they are great with trousers and skirts, creating stylish bows for fall 2021.


Beige and other nude shades break all records of demand. Sweaters of any model look great in such a palette. Such a solution is incredibly versatile, a light sweater in a pastel palette is suitable for both work and a romantic date.

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With pictures and words

To add a touch of playfulness to the image, fashionable models of sweaters with inscriptions and interesting pictures will help. The print can be bold and catchy, or vice versa, cute and concise. Everything is individual here. These stylish sweaters will perfectly complement your casual and street style looks. Complete the outfit with jeans, plaid trousers or a denim skirt.

Now you know what women’s sweaters will be in fashion in the fall of 2021, and the photos presented in the article will inspire you to create stylish looks with trendy models.

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