Woolen coat in spring outfits 2021: a classic with a modern twist

A coat is a popular and practical item that every woman needs. Women’s wool coat is a fashion classic. A piece of clothing that is always on trend. Indeed, due to the natural material, it retains its appearance for a long time, it looks beautiful and neat. Styles and models of clothes replace each other from season to season, making it possible to create completely new images that emphasize the best sides of the figure.

Wool Benefits

Wool fabric has several advantages:

  • perfectly retains heat and protects from cold;
  • material breathes;
  • the fabric is resistant to wear, retains color saturation;
  • wool does not wrinkle and does not stretch;
  • the material is stain resistant.

Wool is a light and soft material. The special structure makes this coat waterproof.

Woolen coat: fashionable bows

Stylish looks are obtained with an elongated black wool coat. This model can be worn with blue jeans and light-colored shoes. This style suits almost all fashionistas. The product can be buttoned up or worn open. A long silk scarf will successfully complement the thing.

Presented in fashion collections and floor-length coats. It is important to remember that this style is not suitable for everyone. It looks spectacular on slender and tall women. Fashion designers have options for fitted and flared coats. They select strict business shoes for products.

Designers offered slender tall girls a light woolen coat with a draped bottom. For this model, classic trousers are chosen. It goes well with elegant heels or platform shoes, with stylish boots.

A bright plaid outerwear model can be combined with jeans and traditional gray or black trousers. Sneakers, boots, ankle boots, ankle boots are perfect for free and straight styles.

The most popular classic model is a straight-cut coat with long sleeves. The product is equipped with buttons or a zipper in a hidden fastener in front.

A short coat of a fitted silhouette will also be fashionable in spring. This model is universal and practical, it suits all women. She will not restrict movement. Such a thing looks especially good with short skirts and shorts. The product is complemented by buttons, and the waist is decorated with a wide belt. To style it is optimal to choose elegant boots.

Fashionistas in the new season will be pleased with woolen models – capes. This is a loose sleeveless cape coat. The cropped style makes it possible to open beautiful legs. The top looks more catchy with ankle boots and boots.

The stylists presented women with a woolen classic fitted knee-length coat. The clasp of the model is a zipper, and the collar is a stand. Such clothes are combined with a beret. Leggings will look good with the product. The option is great for a business look.

Fashion designers have shown models of clothes with a smell in their new collections. This style is distinguished by a large turn-down collar and the absence of fasteners. Wrap coat visually improves the figure, makes it slimmer. This coat is worn with a dress, trousers, leggings, skirts or jeans. You can choose business shoes or sneakers for it. A fashionable addition to the image will be a small bag with a short handle.

A wool coat is also a popular style. This model is distinguished by a free cut and a belt at the waist. The collar of such a coat is designed to be voluminous, figured, or it is completely absent. The product will fit into the wardrobe of every woman. The thing looks chic with a small elegant handbag. Pumps, stiletto heels and low heels will help create a unique business image.

Noteworthy is the classic double-breasted coat. Products of a direct cut with a hood and a belt. The double-breasted model fastens with two rows of buttons at the front. The item has two side welt pockets. In such clothes it is easy to demonstrate slender legs or new fashionable trousers. An excellent completion of the outfit will be a classic women’s handbag.

A light, unlined top will also be popular. This is a great option for late spring. They can replace a jacket or cardigan. Products often have short sleeves, hidden fasteners or a belt.

What colors will prevail

Outerwear made of wool will be popular in discreet colors: black, burgundy, brown, beige. Relevant and styles in blue, sand, white shades. Designers in their collections offer the top of orange, blue, green colors.

Wool coats are suitable for every fashionista. They will fit into any style and perfectly complement the bow. Ladies in such clothes look elegant and elegant.

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