World clothing brands are fashionable in 2020

Today we bring you an overview of the most fashionable clothing brands of 2020. Perhaps you will find your favorite on this list!


Mass market

The main feature of mass-market brands is reasonable prices. Many brands today are trying not only to keep up with fashion trends, but to qualitatively work out the basic capsule of things. In addition, each company can trace its own philosophy, which finds many fans around the world.


The incredibly famous brand has gained cherished popularity due to the fact that it presented fashionistas with clothes in a wide variety of styles. It is curious that the brand began its existence in 1947, and in Russia it loudly declared itself only in 2009.

H&M captivates with the fact that it presents not only stylish clothes for women, but also fashionable things for men and children. The range of the brand also includes a wide variety of accessories, shoes and home goods.

Giving preference to this brand, you can make a trendy bow for a democratic price. The good news may be that the brand tends to arrange sales and regular discounts.

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Confidently takes its leadership position and this brand, which in record time has found its fans. Clothing of this brand usually attracts women who appreciate minimalism and versatility in their wardrobe.

Among the current collections, you can often find a practical laconic style, the unity of prints and colors. The brand often brings to the attention of fashionistas and stylish capsules, in which things are successfully combined with each other and create many beautiful sets.


Fans of this brand are usually notorious fashionistas who love to create stylish and trendy ensembles. To meet the needs of their target audience, talented young designers who know a lot about modern trends are working on new collections.

It should be noted that the line of the brand includes not only women’s clothing, but also shoes and accessories. Stylish collections quickly won admirers, and now Stradivarius stores are represented in 60 countries around the world.


The core philosophy of Bershka is fast fashion. That is why in the assortment of the brand you can find the embodiment of the freshest and most current trends. But lately, you can see that the brand has slightly changed the vector of its development. Now fashion collections include not only ultra-fashionable clothes for young people, but also more restrained models for women of elegant age.


In the list of fashionable clothing brands for the 2020 season, a separate niche belongs to Zara stores. The range of the brand includes both trendy and basic clothing for men, women and children.

[stextbox id=’info’]More recently, the brand has supported an eco-friendly program and equipped stores with containers for the return of old clothes.[/stextbox]


The first store of this brand opened its doors in 2000, and during its existence has gained immense popularity around the world. Apparently, the whole secret of success lies in the right choice of direction – the range shows how stylish and practical casual clothes can look like.


Today, Mango stores are represented in more than 50 countries around the world and offer fashionable and comfortable items for creating trendy casual ensembles.

Oodji (formerly OGGI)

This brand has been counting its history since 1998 in St. Petersburg. The brand is represented by a variety of styles in the field of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. In fashion collections, you can find not only the everyday trend, but also, for example, stylish things for a business capsule.

Middle segment

Brands of the middle price segment can boast of excellent quality of women’s clothing, as well as a variety of assortment. We present you a list of “favorites” of fashionistas who are incredibly in demand in the 2020 season.

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In the ranking of the most influential brands, Mexx, which was founded already in 1986, occupies a worthy position. The key direction of this brand is metropolitan casual. The philosophy of this direction is simple and understandable – it offers the attention of consumers at the same time comfortable and stylish clothes that are perfect for residents of megacities.

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti also won their palm. Their main concept is to create elegant and sophisticated, but at the same time quite simple things that are ideal for wealthy adults.


Everyone knows this brand for high-quality and stylish denim, which can be called basic, but at the same time relevant and fashionable. But this brand presents to its consumers not only jeans – now many other stylish clothes are presented in its collections.

[stextbox id=’info’]In 1991, Time named the Levis 501 jeans the most trendy garment of the 20th century.[/stextbox]

Tommy Hilfiger

This brand tries to work on its collections in such a way that each buyer can find a novelty that suits his character. That is why the assortment is so diverse – fans of both business and street style can pick up things in it to their liking.

Calvin Klein

At one time, this brand made a real revolution in the world of Fashion and adapted men’s sets for women’s wardrobe. The story continued with the creation of elegant jeans for the beautiful half of humanity. In the early 80s, the unisex collection made a splash. At the moment, it does not give up its positions and presents unique and stylish clothes to the world.


To date, there is a stable list of well-known luxury brands. We present you this list, which many brands and fashionistas are equal to.


The first boutique of this brand opened in 1910 in Paris thanks to the legendary Coco Chanel. This woman has made a huge contribution to the world of women’s fashion, relying on simple and comfortable, and at the same time sophisticated outfits. It is also worth noting the real revolution of the Chanel brand, which consisted in borrowing many things from the men’s wardrobe to the women’s and the invention of the little black dress.


Clothing from this brand has long been popular with Russian celebrities and Hollywood celebrities. Of course, not all fashionistas can afford a representative of the range from this brand, because one Armani bag will cost an average of 100,000 rubles.


The history of this brand began in Italy in 1978, and the first popularity arose after the show with incredibly sensual and elegant images for women. Since then, the brand has a special influence on global trends and is gaining more and more fans and admirers.

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Among the popular brands of 2020 in the luxury category, Prada also occupies a worthy position. For this brand, it all started with the release of leather accessories, and only after a while the first line of women’s clothing came out. The main features…

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