Wrap against cellulite

Today, almost every girl who looks after her figure and strives to make her body more attractive tries to regularly do a body wrap against cellulite. In order to make wraps against cellulite, it is not necessary to go to an expensive beauty salon, you can do this yourself at home.

In order to independently carry out the anti-cellulite wrapping procedure, it is enough to buy special clay (it is sold in a pharmacy), food film. The most effective is blue or red clay for the body.

Before proceeding with the wraps, it is necessary to dilute the clay with plain water (1: 1) in advance. After the clay is ready, you can apply clay to the most problematic areas. Clay must be applied in a thick layer, then take a film and wrap it around the places where the clay was applied.

To make the effect of the wrap more effective, you need to wrap a warm towel or blanket on top, then sit back and relax while your cellulite is burned.

Also an effective method of combating cellulite is body wraps with honey. This is one of the most natural methods of fighting cellulite and is very popular among fans of natural cosmetology. This is a simple and at the same time rather complex method of dealing with cellulite, because it is rather difficult to apply to the body due to its sticky consistency.

Honey wrap is also used as a moisturizing treatment for the skin. To achieve a positive result, you need to choose the right honey. For such purposes, linden honey is best suited.

If you are allergic, you need to be very careful when using honey so as not to cause permanent damage to your skin. Apply a small amount of honey on your wrist and wait 15 minutes, if there is no allergic reaction (itching, irritation, redness), then you can do a honey wrap against cellulite.

The honey wrapping procedure follows the same technology as the clay wrapping, but in order to achieve the desired result, the honey wrapping must be done once every two to three weeks, and after each wrapping procedure, it is advisable to do a small self-massage using a special mitt with pimples. Then be sure to apply a nourishing cream to the skin (it is advisable to use anti-cellulite products with a moisturizing effect). In addition to the honey wrap, there is also a paraffin wrap. Paraffin tends to heat up and steam out the blood lymphatics, which contributes to a more efficient burning of cellulite. But to achieve the complete disappearance of cellite is possible only if you do a paraffin wrap twice a week.

For such a wrap, of course, you need paraffin and brown seaweed, which can be purchased at a pharmacy. Mix all the ingredients and apply the resulting mixture on problem areas of the body, then wrap with a film and a warm towel. After a few hours, wash off the paraffin and algae under a warm shower, apply moisturizing milk to the body and relax under a warm blanket for several hours.

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