Wrap dresses: fashion news and trends

The wrap dress, which has become a trend in fashion collections in recent seasons and conquered women of all ages, appeared on the catwalks in the first half of the twentieth century. The style did not immediately win recognition from fashionistas.

Trendy wrap dress

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For the first time, a wrap dress was shown on the catwalk in the 30s of the last century. The style did not make much of an impression on the public. It was associated with home clothes and was forgotten about. But in the 70s of the same century, the aspiring fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg liked the idea of ​​such a dress, she finalized the style so that it captivated the fashionable public of Europe. In 1973, the dress appeared on a fashion show and was a huge success. The model was called warp dress (translated as a wrap dress). In 1997, Diane von Furstenberg relaunched her brand. And the style became popular again. Since then, variations of this model have inspired designers.


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Features and benefits of the model

What attracts in this style of dress? Why is he popular?

The main advantage is the silhouette, which stretches the figure, due to the V-shaped neckline and the cut line on the skirt to the waist. And the smell creates an imitation of an X-shaped figure with any structure of the female body: pear, apple or triangle. The image is extremely feminine and seductive. And what woman does not strive to achieve such an effect by wearing a dress? This model is a win-win.

Gorgeous wrap dress

  • The V-shaped neckline, formed by the intersection of the shelves, will lengthen and emphasize the neck. Adds slimness to the figure.
  • The slit on the skirt will make you taller and slimmer, as it visually draws a vertical line along the body. Such a technique refines the image.
  • A drapery or clasp at the waist, where the oblique line of smell converges, if there is a waist, it will turn it into a wasp, if not, it will create the appearance that it is slim. Well, how can such an effect leave a woman indifferent!

Dress with a wrap for full

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Note: This makes a wrap dress one of the most successful styles for obese women, it will correct the figure and emphasize femininity.


Dress for fat ladies

Popular Models

Now the interest of fashion designers has returned to this style. And, as you can see in the photo, the wrap dress has changed, absorbed new fashion trends, but retained femininity and grace. The variety of models based on smell is simply amazing.

  • The smell can be held with a belt, fastened with buttons, snaps or a brooch. Be located on the side, in the center or behind the outfit. Models with a back wrap especially effectively emphasize the beauty of the back and are more often used in evening dresses.

Wrap dress with belt

  • V-shaped neckline also did not go unnoticed by fashion. It can be decorated with a collar, shawl or lapels, as on a jacket. Or trimmed with flounces and ruffles for fine, flowing fabrics such as silk or chiffon, for a delicate look.

Stylish ruffles on the V-neckline

  • The shelves and bottom of the dress are made even, rounded or asymmetrical. Decorate with frills, piping or trims, and depending on the design of the skirt, the outfit looks more strict or romantic.

Fashionable asymmetrical hemline

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  • Fashion designers, using thin modern non-wrinkling materials, decorate models with stylish draperies, giving them grace and dynamics.

Draped dress

  • The smell can only be applied on the bodice, while the skirt will be one-piece. Or only on a skirt, and on a one-piece bodice there can be any other cut and an interesting design of the neck.

Skirt wrap dress

  • Dresses with a smell and with sleeves and without them are good. Fashionable 3/4 sleeve makes the model more elegant. This style of dress can be complemented with one or more bracelets to emphasize the beauty of the hands, and get a stylish look.

3/4 sleeve midi dress

As you can see, on the basis of such a model, you can create a dress that is appropriate in an office or educational institution, an evening dress, an outfit for relaxing. Moreover, the style is equally relevant in summer and winter. And it depends on the choice of fabric and model.

Stylish wrap dress for winter

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What fabrics to use

The choice of fabric depends on the purpose of the dress. Dense fabrics are applicable, such as linen, cotton, plain raincoat fabric, suits and, of course, jersey. They keep their shape, create a clear silhouette, which is good for a casual outfit in a casual style or a practical office bow.

Canvas dress

The canvas can be decorated with a geometric pattern, such as a cage, stripe, houndstooth or a color print.

Delicate midi dress with floral print

As you can see in the photo, the length can be short, knee-length or midi.

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Important! If you have not very slender legs, it is better to prefer the midi length, which will help to hide this shortcoming.


Floor-length printed wrap dress

An evening dress in this style will look spectacular from smooth satin fabrics, thin flowing knitwear that drapes well, or chic velvet. Long to the floor or midi, will make your look elegant and feminine. You will feel confident in your irresistibility at the holiday.

Little black dress – wrap version

Idea: A sleeveless, floor-length evening gown with a wraparound back will look like from the Hollywood red carpet. Smooth or draped, the choice is yours.

Which color to choose

It depends on your color type. But, a dress with a wrap of any shade of gray will suit everyone, especially since natural colors remain the trend of 2019-2019.

Trendy colors

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The fashion for them is dictated by the popularity of the Scandinavian style, which is called hyuggie. Its principle:

  • simplicity;
  • functionality;
  • naturalness.

Delicate pastel colors

But other colors are not prohibited. Practical black is good both at work and at a party. Looks elegant. Against its background, original accessories look especially expressive.

Extravagant red color, any shade, from coral to wine, will distinguish you from others. It’s hard not to notice a beauty in a dress of this color.

Delicate pastel colors emphasize the subtlety and grace of the girl. Especially on thin fabrics, decorated with draperies or frills. Floral prints are good in wrap style, but they are more suitable for summer.

Such novelties as fabrics with a gradient, a smooth transition of color from the bottom to the top of the product, look interesting and modern. A dress made of them, especially a long one, looks original and original. Or a coupon canvas, the pattern of which can be beaten with a style.

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