Wrap dresses for obese women

A wrap dress for overweight women is a great opportunity to visually adjust your figure and make your image more harmonious and attractive. If you look at the photo, you will see how seductive puffy fashionistas look in a wrap dress. After all, it favorably emphasizes all the most expressive parts of the body and perfectly conceals what needs to be hidden.


The main advantages of wrap dresses

A wrap dress is a universal trend for all occasions. And now we will prove it to you.

  • Since 1970, this model has been very popular. And the last few seasons, she is literally at the height of fashion. That is why, when purchasing a wrap dress, you can be sure that in the end you will get a stylish and up-to-date look.

  • Both women with a standard figure and those who are overweight can afford to wear a wrap dress. Any lady in such an outfit will only win.

  • This style has a unique ability to slim. The vertical line, which is the main highlight of this model, noticeably stretches the silhouette. The V-shaped neckline, which can be found here most often, visually lengthens the neck, and the high waist, asymmetry, or a wide belt perfectly hide a voluminous tummy.

  • A huge selection of colors, textures and different winning options, which we will discuss below, within one style make this model desirable for any, even the most fastidious fashionista. The variety of wrap dresses is simply amazing. But you must admit, it is always nice when there is plenty to choose from.

  • The wrap dress is available for both very young fashionistas and women over 50. As we have already said, it is universal. And in it a lady of any age will feel fashionable. And it is incredibly comfortable, which is important for modern life.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Remember that the main advantage of every owner of a voluminous figure is the chest. Therefore, dressing up, try to emphasize it in the most advantageous way. [/stextbox]

Speaking specifically about the wrap dress, there is a v-neck, which, as a rule, smoothly comes into a seductive neckline. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure of decorating your neck and chest with interesting accessories. They will betray the image of seductiveness.

Wrap dress accentuates the bust

Varieties of wrap dresses

Even within the same style, you can find several interesting models of wrap dresses at once, which are suitable for full fashionistas. And now we will talk about them in detail.

Wrap sheath dress

The most rigorous model in this segment. It has a straight silhouette and a pencil skirt style hem. Typically, in this case, the wrap is at the waist or just under the bust, which keeps the bottom classically straight, which, as you know, is great for a curvaceous figure. And it is also an ideal solution for the office, so it is quite appropriate to classify such a dress as a business style. But here one very important detail should immediately be noted: a sheath dress with a wrap should be worn with a pair of heels. Not necessarily high, because it will be difficult for full ladies to spend the whole day on it. Here, a small, now trendy square heel, which will also stretch the silhouette quite well, will fit perfectly.

Asymmetric wrap dress

One of the most fashionable wrap dresses for obese women in 2019 will be considered asymmetrical models. They will be especially relevant in the coming spring and the upcoming summer. As a rule, asymmetry occurs on the hem. It can be an elongated butt, or floors of different lengths. Moreover, the difference can be both maximum and insignificant. Perfectly this option is suitable for full fashionistas. The main thing is that they have beautiful slender legs.

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An asymmetrical wrap dress is sewn from a light fabric, such as chiffon, which makes it a wonderful summer option in which you are not ashamed to go even on a romantic date.

Lightweight chiffon wrap dress

Choose the location of the smell

Here, too, you can find several interesting options that will be appropriate even for overweight women with a belly. After all, you will agree that choosing a dress model for the type of “apple” figure, unfortunately, is the most difficult thing. Therefore, if you are also the owner of a rounded tummy, then all attention to our selection is below.

  • Smell in the center. This is a classic pattern of scent that runs vertically down the center of your figure. In other words, the overlap is in front at the waist and fastened with a belt. From the outside, this model resembles an ordinary women’s home dressing gown. However, this does not make her popularity less.

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  • Smell on the back. This is a great solution for puffy fashionistas with a beautiful posture. Do not think that the smell on the back is available only to slender girls. In fact, the peculiarity of this model is that the back is not entirely bare, but only some part of it is open. It looks enticing, intriguing and very seductive. But in front, the dress will be quite strict and restrained, which will allow you to reliably hide any figure flaws under it.

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  • Smell on the side. Perhaps, among all full fashionistas, this model is most popular. Firstly, it looks very interesting, and secondly, here you can find several options for overlap fastening at once: a familiar belt, a brooch, a bow, or just a sewn-in whole smell without any additional decorative elements. Like any other model in this segment, the dress with a side wrap sits perfectly on the figure of a full woman. And most importantly, it successfully conceals a protruding tummy and massive hips.

Buttoned wrap dress

This is a very interesting novelty of 2019 among wrap dresses for overweight women. In this model, the smell is firmly fixed with buttons. Moreover, they can be located both in one and in two rows. Take a look at the photo and see that this option really looks very stylish. After all, as a rule, it has a strict silhouette and is sewn from matter of neutral shades. But, if the model is designed for the warm season, then here it is quite possible to find light flying fabrics, a deep neckline and a playful slit that opens one leg.

The real trend of the season was a wrap dress with buttons in a military style. From the side, it resembles a shortened overcoat. And as you know, clothing with military paraphernalia today is simply wildly popular. Therefore, to purchase such an outfit for business meetings or just as an everyday option would be an absolutely right decision.

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Floor-length wrap dress

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