Xenalten for weight loss: instructions for use

There are many drugs, the action of which is aimed at burning excess fat. One of the most effective and safe is Xenalten for weight loss. This remedy contains orlistat, a substance that mixes with fats and removes them from the body.

Unlike various dietary supplements, Xenalten is a real medicine. Many doctors prescribe it to their patients for the treatment of obesity at various stages. The drug has a minimum number of side effects, it was originally developed for both adults and adolescents.


Orlistat is the active ingredient in this product. This component has a powerful effect, it can often be observed in the composition of other drugs for weight loss. In addition to orlistat, the drug contains MCC (microcrystalline cellulose), which gives a feeling of fullness in the stomach, thereby reducing appetite.

The remaining components that are present in Xenalten are used as a base and have a small dosage. Among them are substances such as:

  • talc;
  • povidone;
  • SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate).

Regarding the last component, it should be noted that its dose is so small that it cannot harm the human body in any way. All excipients in this preparation are needed in order for it to be better absorbed and to be as effective as possible.

Important! The medicine is available in the form of small capsules, which are made on a gelatin basis. Depending on the form of release, they can be blue or white. One carton of the drug contains 12 capsules, aluminum – 21 or 7.


First of all, Xenalten differs from other similar drugs in the absence of a laxative effect. It can be taken at any time of the day, without fear that after a couple of hours there will be an unbearable desire to go to the toilet. The disadvantage of most modern drugs for weight loss lies precisely in the fact that they have a too harsh, but at the same time temporary effect on the body. Excess weight quickly disappears, but after a couple of weeks it comes back.

Xenalten, in turn, has a mild effect. With it, you can get rid of 3, maximum – 5 kilograms in 7-10 days. But the weight will be stabilized, and will not change upwards after the end of the course of taking the medicine.

How to use the drug correctly?

Before you start using the tool, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Remove high-calorie foods from the daily diet, as well as add fruits and vegetables to it;
  2. The amount of fat in the food consumed should not exceed 30% of everything else;
  3. It is recommended to start doing some kind of physical exercise or just walk more. This enhances the effect of the drug and helps to quickly achieve the desired goal.

It is advisable to start preparation approximately 14 days before the use of the medicine.

Important! In medicine, there are no miracle cures that can independently rid a person of extra pounds. Xenalten will not be able to work if a person does not give up flour, fatty and high-calorie foods.


Doctors strongly advise taking no more than 3 capsules of the drug per day, but with obesity, the dose can be increased to 4 capsules. An increased dosage is possible at the very beginning of treatment, but after two weeks it is necessary to reduce it to the optimal level (3 pieces or 360 mg).

It is necessary to take the drug according to the following rules:

  • during meals (at the same time, you need to eat three times a day, in small portions);
  • drinking a small amount of water;
  • the course should last no more than 90 days.

These rules must be observed in order to reduce the risk of side effects to a minimum.

Indications for use

Xenalten is prescribed for people with obesity, as well as those who have a few extra pounds. Doctors make sure that patients who take the medicine follow a diet.

The drug is also prescribed for people who cannot play sports and severely cut the calorie content of their diet. It is also used as a prevention of re-obesity.

In general, this remedy is indicated for those who are overweight or unstable.


The drug is strictly not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. This is due to the fact that orlistat, which is contained in this remedy, prevents fat-soluble vitamins from entering the body. For pregnant women, this consequence is undesirable.

In addition, the medicine should not be used in the following cases:

  • the presence of malabsorption syndrome (lack of nutrients);
  • intolerance to some components of the composition;
  • the use of Cyclosporine (this drug does not combine well with Xenalten).

The remedy in individual cases can be prescribed to adolescents, but, in general, doctors do not advise using it for people under the age of majority.

Important! To buy Xenalten, you need to consult a doctor, undergo an examination and get a prescription. Without recommendations from a specialist, a drug will not be sold to a person.

Side effects

The appearance of side effects is possible only with an overdose of this drug. Violation of the rules for the use of the drug can lead to bloating, diarrhea, weakness and headaches. The most serious consequences: the appearance of a respiratory tract infection and the development of hepatitis.

For these reasons, it is necessary to observe the optimal dosage, and in no case violate it in order to achieve a faster result. Such a mistake will not lead to easy weight loss, but it can provoke the development of serious diseases.

Question answer

Regarding the action of Xenalten, a lot of questions usually arise, which mainly come from ordinary buyers. The answers to the most common ones are listed below.

– How long do you need to wait for the effect?

The first results appear after 14 days. Kilograms go away gradually, in order to speed up this process, you need to play sports and give up high-calorie foods. Achieving the desired result on average takes from a month to two.

Which doctor writes a prescription?

To get a prescription that allows you to buy a drug for weight loss, you need to be examined by a nutritionist.

– Why do you need SLS in the composition? How dangerous is he?

SLS is used in small doses, it is needed to create a base and enhance the effect of the drug. In this case, this component does not pose any danger to the body.

– How much does the drug cost?

The average price of a medicine is 1300 rubles. It all depends on the region, the form of release …

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