Xenical for weight loss: how to take pills

Xenical is a medicine that reduces the absorption of fats and nutrients by the body. Xenical is used for weight loss. How to take pills, are there possible complications, are there any contraindications and restrictions, read on about this.

Operating principle

Xenical belongs to the category of new drugs intended for the treatment of obesity of the second or more degrees. Its principle of action refers to blocking the work of an enzyme called lipase. To break down fats to the state of their assimilation, the body produces lipase. Xenical does not effectively produce lipase, which leads to a partial stop in the absorption of fats. Xenical is a strong and long-acting blocker of gastric and pancreatic lipases. The drug prevents the fragmentation and further absorption of fats from food.

As a result of the action of Xenical, about a third of all fat consumed is not absorbed by the body. In the intestine, the content of monoglycerides and fatty acids decreases. Given the therapeutic effect on the gastrointestinal tract, there is a decrease in cholesterol levels. It dissolves poorly and is not absorbed by the body. Undigested cholesterol is excreted along with the feces. The lack of daily fat intake causes the body to seek out previously accumulated fats. With the use of Xenical, there is a decrease in weight due to the reduction of body fat in the body.

Admission procedure

Xenical is used for the treatment of obesity only on prescription. The basis for prescribing drug treatment for overweight patients is an increased body mass index of more than 30 and the presence of concomitant diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis. A prerequisite for the appointment of Xenical is a low-calorie diet.

The tablets are blue capsules, each containing 120 mg of orlistat, the active ingredient. It is necessary to take tablets with each meal, but not more than three tablets per day. Reception of the drug is limited if there are no fats in the food. In case of skipping the use of Xenical during meals, you can take a pill after an hour. Take the capsule with a glass of water.

It is strongly not recommended to take two or more Xenical capsules at one time. The amount of fat in the diet should not exceed 30 percent of the total calories consumed. It is desirable to distribute the daily amount of fat proportionally between all meals.


The action of Xenical occurs in the stomach and small intestine. The active substance orlistat, which is in capsules, is not absorbed into the blood. The drug is contraindicated for admission:

  • pregnant women;
  • elderly people;
  • children;
  • nursing mothers.

It is forbidden to take Xenical to patients suffering from diseases:

  • nervous system, anorexia and bulimia;
  • violations in the formation and work of bile, its components in the duodenum;
  • chronic disorders of absorption of nutrients in the small intestine;
  • gallbladder;
  • disorders associated with a deficiency of thyroid hormones;
  • kidney disease.

Side effects

Xenical, like all medicines, can cause side effects. In the event of any of the following complications, you must inform your doctor:

  1. Gastrointestinal tract – fatty stools, frequent urination and defecation, oily discharge from the anus. In most cases, such complications appear at the first stages of taking Xenical, and are directly related to the amount of fat eaten by the patient. If the patient consumes fatty foods, then such violations are inevitable. Subject to the recommendations regarding the caloric content of food, such complications are not observed. In addition to these manifestations, patients may experience painful discomfort in the abdomen, a desire to vomit, and nagging pain in the anus.
  2. Hypersensitivity and dermatological abnormalities – scabies, rashes, urticaria. Quincke’s edema may occur when taking orlistat.
  3. Respiratory organs – infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Influenza, otitis media can develop, diseases of the nose and throat become aggravated, narrowing and spasm of the bronchi, swelling of the larynx.
  4. Musculoskeletal system – pain in the back, in the legs. Taking pills can lead to the development of arthritis, pain in the joints, in the muscles, inflammation of the tendon tissue.
  5. Nervous system – undulating headaches, migraines. Patients may also experience fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, sleep disturbance, and depression.
  6. Genitourinary system – urinary tract infections. In women, the menstrual cycle and inflammation of the vaginal mucosa may be disturbed.

Nutrition and exercise while taking Xenical

Weight loss, only on the basis of taking Xenical, is impossible. It is necessary to make changes in the sedentary lifestyle of the patient and his malnutrition. Two weeks before the start of taking the tablets, it is necessary to gradually switch to a low-calorie diet with simultaneous physical activity. As soon as the body begins to get used to changes in the diet, you can add a course of taking Xenical.

The daily amount of calories consumed for women from 30 to 60 years old can be calculated by the formula (0.0342 x weight + 3.5377) x 240. So, with a weight of 84 kg, a middle-aged woman should consume no more than 1538 kcal. You can reduce the calorie content of the daily diet, but not less than 1200 kilocalories per day.

A balanced healthy diet for a patient should consist of 15% protein, up to 30% fat and the rest carbohydrates. Increase the number of meals to five to six: three main meals, two intermediate meals and at night – kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk. The basis of nutrition should be difficult to digest carbohydrates. They are represented by cereals, vegetables, durum wheat pasta, wholemeal bread. Considering that one gram of fat contains nine kilocalories, the result of weight loss and the amount of fat consumed depend on each other.

Physical activity is the most important component of the whole complex of measures for weight loss. Physical activity helps to improve the state of the cardiovascular system, reduce the presence of fat deposits in the waist and abdomen. Proper exercise will help in the fight against fat accumulations that are on the internal organs, and interfere with their full functioning. It is recommended to start physical activity with a 10-minute walk, which over time can be extended to 40-50 minutes.


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