Yellow manicure – trend 2019

Manicure in yellow is the surest association with a great mood. With such a design, it is simply impossible to be sad, because it literally charges you with optimism. We’ll help you decide on the perfect shade of this cheerful color and suggest the most current designs. The only thing left for you is to choose the most stylish manicure and get infected with its positive.

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Tips for a flawless manicure

  • The yellow pigment in nail polish is able to color the plate and give it an ugly shade. A protective base applied immediately before the color coating will help you avoid such a nuisance.
  • The choice of the ideal shade directly depends on the shape of the nails. For example, a square plate goes well with a rich yellow color, while for oval ones it is better to prefer a shade of yellow sand.

  • Your color type is also important. So, belonging to a warm color type requires the presence of the same warm shades in the manicure. And for girls with a cold color type, you guessed it, colors with a similar undertone are recommended.
  • Do not be afraid of the brightness of this shade and use it exclusively with a plain design. Yellow goes well with various decor, and fashion trends welcome the combination of several techniques in one manicure.

  • Of course, you can, as an exemplary girl, follow the rules and make a yellow manicure in addition to the image using the same color. But there is another option – more creative. The most daring fashionistas use cheerful design to accent everyday and uncomplicated looks and add brightness to them.

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Note! Yellow manicure has no seasonality. There is a stereotype that such a sunny design is only appropriate in the summer. But we miss bright colors most of all in winter. That’s when stylish and positive nail art comes to the rescue.


Trend combinations

To make yellow manicure look even more interesting and stylish, try combining it with different colors. We have selected the most win-win ideas for you!

  • As an addition to the yellow color in a stylish graphic manicure, black is often used. This game of contrasts looks impressive and advantageous. The scope for imagination in this combination is huge: polka dots, cage, stripes or ornament. The only exception to this palette would be a French and moon manicure, as it shortens the nails.

  • The ideal combination based on warm yellow includes the same warm tones: orange, light green, scarlet.
  • Cold shades will look harmoniously with gray, blue, lilac or pink.

  • A fresh tandem of flowers will turn out from yellow and white.
  • Its combination with noble blue will look no less stylish. You can choose a bright or noble muted shade for a complementary color.

  • The pair with purple hues looks original.

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Idea #1

Rhinestones and yellow – is it too bold? So you have to try! This design looks so bright that it is not always suitable for everyday life. But it can be the most spectacular addition to your look for a special occasion.

Very bright and festive manicure

It is believed that yellow, along with black and red, is the best basis for dazzling rhinestones. Moreover, it is equally effective with silver or gold decor.

For short nails, small rhinestones will be the best decor, and a longer than average length allows you to experiment with larger stones. The main motto in this design is a sense of proportion. It is worth overdoing it a little and the manicure will turn into an unimaginable riot of color and shine.

Idea #2

A beautiful jacket with cheerful shades of yellow looks fresh and unusual. If you are wary of the brightness of this color, the classic French manicure technique is the perfect choice for you.

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Even with the richest tones, a traditional jacket will be the embodiment of the owner’s excellent taste and elegance.


The combination of lemon with mint, lilac, light blue or powdery pink looks very cute and charming. Just what you need for a feminine and romantic look!

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Idea #3

Lunar manicure is no less beautiful in this palette. This design is ideal for owners of medium length marigolds. Short ones run the risk of looking even smaller, and on long ones, the regrowth of the plate becomes noticeable.

You can also allow yourself to go beyond the usual limits and dream up a little on the classic version of the moon manicure. For example, today the trend is to change the size and shape of the traditional hole.

Lunar design will only benefit if you decide to combine it with other nail art techniques.

Idea #4

Novelties in the beauty industry proclaim the incredibly popular matte manicure. This solution is a real find for fans of muted colors and classic designs. A matte texture always brightens and even ennobles the base coat a little, so this yellow nail art will not look bright and catchy.

Idea #5

The drawings on the nails in the sunny palette look as fun and direct as possible. Taking up the yellow varnish, the manicurist usually allows himself to have fun from the heart and creates the most optimistic motives. If you lack endorphins and a great mood, this is definitely your option.

And this is an example of a more feminine and strict pattern. The decor made of sand or folk, which has fallen in love with many girls, is again on the wave of fashion trends. This design proves that yellow in a manicure can look elegant and noble.

Idea #6

Yellow lacquer will definitely be in place in the current geometric manicure. It can be a laconic minimalist design or a more complex ornament with various shapes. Whichever option you choose, hitting the trends will be guaranteed.

Look in our photo selection how different a geometric manicure in yellow can be.

Interesting geometry design

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Interesting! One of the most basic designs that you can easily replicate at home is stripes or polka dots. For the first, you will need special stencils in the form of strips or ordinary tape. And to draw cute dots, you should prepare a dots, a toothpick, an invisibility with a ball at the end, or a pen.


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Idea #7

If you are bored with a monochromatic manicure, it’s time to diversify it with sparkles. There are many variations for this design, and the simplest of them is covering the ring finger with glitter or small sparkles. You can also connect a rub for this manicure – contrasting shades will be the most advantageous.

Idea #8

Yellow combined with sparkles is not always a challenge and brightness. Look at the photo, how calm and reserved it can be…

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