Yellow manicure with design 2020

Yellow manicure with interesting and original design in 2020 year will be a great option for summer nail art. After all, it is in the warm season that women most often decide to create a bright, sunny manicure. Designers only welcome the zeal of fashionistas. From this article you will learn about all the trendy new yellow nail art, see a photo of a stylish design.

Yellow manicure – fashion trends 2020

Many women love a bright and catchy manicure, because it allows you to attract attention, make the image more interesting and original. But even if you are not a fan too bright yellow colors, experts advise you to look at more discreet shades or complement your nails with a design.

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Designers identify three main colors that should be used first when creating a manicure in 2020 – blue, green and yellow. We will talk about the latter in more detail in this article.

It should be understood that in this season, a plain yellow manicure will be very popular in itself.

Among the most relevant shades of yellow should be highlighted:

  • citric;
  • neon;
  • saturated;
  • pastel.

Also, nail art masters offer fashionistas a wide variety of stylish designs. There are no restrictions here, because almost everything is in trend, from the minimalist style to catchy bright options, complemented by sparkles and rhinestones. Experts only highlight a few ways of nail design, which should first of all be paid attention to.

When creating stylish nail art with yellow polish, in 2020 it is best to combine it with a blue-blue palette. Such a tandem looks bright and incredibly stylish. However, in the new season, experts do not limit fashionistas to this combination. The combination of yellow with beige, gray, white, black, green, orange, mint and purple colors will be relevant.

As for the shape and length of nails, oval ones look equally advantageous with yellow polish. squareshort and long nails. However, it should be understood that fashionable in 2020 year yellow manicure, made on sharp long nails, will look very bright and outrageous, so it is hardly suitable for creating an image for every day. While neat short or medium length nails in a sunny shade will look great even at work.

Yellow design with lettering

Capacious, catchy and original inscriptions on the nails have been surprising others for more than a season. After all, this is a great design option that allows you to always look in a new way. On a yellow background, inscriptions made in black, burgundy, dark blue or green look great. At the same time, it is not necessary to write on the nails yourself, because today you can buy ready-made stickers with a transparent background, which greatly simplifies the process of creating an interesting design.

A combination of several techniques will help to make a manicure more interesting, for example, matte base or decor with sparkles.


Everything natural and natural today enjoys incredible popularity. Therefore, the minimalist style will come in handy, especially in combination with a bright yellow base. Make a simple and uncomplicated drawing. It can be anything, as long as the picture is small and neat. For example, it can be small summer fruits. It should also be noted that this kind of design looks best in combination with a delicate transparent background or with a matte top.

animal print

This trendy design looks great in combination with a bright color palette. To yellow manicure did not turn out defiant, fashionable in 2020 year animalistic design better to do short or nails middle length. Also, experts recommend not to abuse leopard colors when creating stylish looks. When creating a fashionable manicure, decorate only one finger, for example, the ring finger.

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simple drawings

Designers recommend not to be too zealous when creating drawings on nails. The trend will be neat twigs and buds made with black varnish. Combination yellow and black within one manicure looks very stylish. Therefore, there is no need to invent something extraordinary, the style lies in simplicity and conciseness.

More complex prints

If simple drawings on the nails are not suitable for creating the intended image, you can try to depict something more catchy and voluminous on the nails. As for the yellow nail art, here fashionistas and designers prefer images in the form of butterflies, dragonflies, citrus fruits.

Also, do not forget about the stylish geometry, which has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines, dots and circles will look very stylish on nails of any length and shape.

Flowers and other floral ornaments will also be relevant in 2020. Take a closer look at both ordinary pictures and luxurious modeling, which will be an excellent addition to any solemn image.

Bright abstraction

real new 2020 of the year – yellow manicureresembling brush strokes. The combination of yellow with blue and white looks stylish. In this case, show your imagination, do not be afraid of abstract and unusual patterns. Strokes can be arranged in any order, randomness is welcome.

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Tropical motifs

Special sliders or stickers can be used to create interesting tropical prints. This design looks very interesting, especially for the spring-summer period. If you choose a similar nail art, then give preference to a combination of yellow with white and green shades. In this case, tropical foliage should be painted green.

Wet design

To diversify summer nail art, you can make trendy in 2020 year yellow manicure with wet design.

This option always turns out to be different and surprises with its beauty and originality. It is done very simply by mixing different shades of uncured helium coating with a brush. Experts recommend combining yellow with gray, blue, pink and other colors. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment.


French manicure is very popular among fashionistas. And all because experts regularly offer fashionistas more and more new design ideas. In 2020, a jacket in which the smile is made in yellow will be especially popular. You can also try a classic design with a bright base.

Do not forget about the reverse or lunar jacket. Yellow polish also looks great as a shade for creating a hole.

You can complement such a manicure with abstract and geometric patterns, rhinestones and glitter.


The yellow finish looks great in both glossy and matte finishes. You can completely make all the nails in a matte design or …

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