yellow nails

Hands can tell a lot about a woman. Beautiful and well-groomed, they attract the eye, cause a desire to touch. But at the same time, hands are faced with many factors that spoil their appearance and condition.

One of the problems is yellow nails. In addition to the fact that yellowness on the nails does not look aesthetically pleasing, it can indicate some health problems. Not everything is so scary – it is likely that the problem is purely cosmetic.

Nails can turn yellow from overuse of polish. It should be worn for no longer than 4-5 days, and after removal, give the nails a rest. Especially often the nails turn yellow from the use of red lacquer.

Use high-quality varnishes and apply a strengthening base before applying. This will prevent the pigment from being absorbed into the nail plate, even out the surface of the nail and make it stronger.

If the nails have already acquired a yellowish tint, you can do several whitening procedures at home.

Cut the lemon in half and literally put the halves on your fingers, hold for half an hour. This procedure should be done within half an hour, alternated with baths of sea salt.

Wipe your nails with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, exfoliate with a hand and nail scrub (a regular body scrub will do), and then at night, unpainted nails can be liberally lubricated with olive oil with the addition of grapefruit seed extract.

These measures will not completely rid the nail of the yellow tint, but will reduce the intensity of the color. Completely yellowness will go away as the nail grows.

Cosmetic procedures are indispensable if the nail is yellow at the very base, that is, its hidden part grows already yellowed. This can be associated with serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, lung disease, liver disease, jaundice. If the yellowness is accompanied by thickening of the nail, it may be caused by nail fungus.

In all these cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor, after examination, he will send for tests to determine the cause of the disease and subsequent treatment.

It is also worth consulting a doctor if you are taking broad-spectrum antibiotics for a long time – yellow nails can be the result of a violation of the body’s metabolic processes. Perhaps the problem is caused by smoking, nicotine stains nails, and even fingers, in an unpleasant yellow color. In this case, you will not advise anything other than quitting smoking.

Take care of your hands, because as the French say, they are the second face of a woman.

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