You can look well-groomed at no cost!

Every girl is interested in how to look expensive and well-groomed without spending a fortune. In fact, the flawless appearance of a modern lady is by no means measured by the amount of money she has invested in herself. Here the secret is much deeper. If you want to know what it is, read our article!

Do you manage to look well-groomed without extra expenses?

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Well-groomed girl – what is she

  • Cleanliness is not only the main guarantee of health, but also a beautiful appearance. There can be no talk of dirty hair, skin or the smell of sweat. These are iron taboos for a modern girl, which will inevitably spoil even the most stunning image. Therefore, when in the morning in a dilemma between an extra 5 minutes of sleep and clean hair, always opt for the second. As a last resort, keep a good quality dry shampoo in stock.

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  • Do not forget about the condition of the eyebrows, otherwise they (oh, horror!) Can hold a grudge against you and go towards each other. A well-groomed girl can always boast of a neat shape of eyebrows, their natural color and the absence of extra hairs.

Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows

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  • It is impossible to imagine a beautiful girl without neat nails. It is not necessary to visit the salon every month. For a well-groomed appearance, a hygienic manicure, healthy nails and a transparent or nude coating are enough.

  • A big misconception of modern girls is that you need to spend incredible amounts on professional hair cosmetics. Well-groomed hair always begins with daily washing and regular getting rid of split ends. Beautiful hair is also easy to achieve with the help of various masks prepared at home.

Hair care is the basis of a well-groomed image

  • Oily facial skin can spoil the appearance with its treacherous brilliance, and will definitely not form the impression of you as a well-groomed young lady. Fortunately, the modern cosmetics market offers a wide range of absorbent and mattifying products.

  • Even the most beautiful makeup will fail if the condition of the lips leaves much to be desired. A lip balm and a natural-colored pencil will help a woman at any age look well-groomed at no cost. Say no to dryness, cracking and blurry contours that are often noticeable in women over 35.

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  • When you speak, everyone not only looks at your lips, but also at your teeth. For some reason, many people forget that they must be in perfect condition. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can brush your teeth with whitening paste, visit the dentist on time and periodically carry out professional cleaning.

Healthy teeth are the key to an attractive smile

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  • As for makeup, the most expensive are natural make-up and red lipstick. Of course, well-groomed smooth skin and moisturized lips will always be at the forefront.

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Modern girls often like to copy other people’s images, and this is their dubious decoration. You can take an example from the star beauties on photowho skillfully emphasize their strengths and professionally hide their flaws. But your image and style should be individual.



How to look presentable

You may be surprised, but the impeccable appearance of a girl directly depends on her attitude towards her own person. The beginning is always self-love. If you respect, appreciate and simply adore yourself, you will radiate inner energy and beauty in the best sense of the word.

Confidence and self-love are the key to attractiveness

Start your journey to the best version of yourself by working on your speech. What you say will form an impression of you. Hard, but justified work is to get rid of parasitic words and foul language. We also advise you to say less negative things – this is of little interest to everyone except your relatives. In addition, in the eyes of the environment, you will turn into a depressed person with whom it is difficult to maintain a conversation.

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Even the most fashionable and expensive shoes will look terrible when faced with the realities of weather. Therefore, we advise everyone girl once every few seasons, splurge on a good shoe spray that will repel dirt and water.


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The ideal image always instantly turns into a failure if underwear is guessed through the clothes. Far from sexy when you can see the color of the linen, straps and seams. Fortunately, now you can easily find seamless and nude sets.

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Attention to wardrobe

  • Tags that are visible under clothing must be cut off immediately after purchase. Remember or write down the rules for caring for a thing – it’s better than looking cheap every time.
  • The most “expensive” colors are considered to be natural tones in clothes. Choose calm shades in beige and brown tones, win-win white and black. The palette of precious stones also looks luxurious and presentable – it is emerald, burgundy and malachite.
  • Review your wardrobe for things that have lost their attractive appearance. Feel free to throw away clothes with spools, puffs, faded colors and elongated sections. We also advise you not to wear such clothes even at home.

Looking expensive means perfect

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Love yourself always and be well-groomed and beautiful, regardless of the place.


  • Don’t chase trends. Yes, animal prints are in trend today, but it’s not at all a fact that they will be relevant in a few seasons. Therefore, with a limited budget, the most practical solution would be to invest in quality items of classic style. This advice is relevant at 20 and after 40 years.

You don’t have to follow the trends, the classics are always in fashion.

  • It’s great if your wardrobe has a place for things with a unique design. It might even be a vintage piece of clothing. In any case, the exclusive will add zest to you and will look like a considerable amount has been invested in it.

Add flair to your wardrobe

  • It’s smart to spend 80% of your wardrobe budget on basic pieces in your favorite style that look impeccably good on you. They are easy to combine with each other, they will be of high quality, and you will forever forget about the problem “I have nothing to wear”.

Basic wardrobe

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Signs of an item that looks expensive

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Note! We are not talking about things that cost fabulous money. We’re talking about…

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