Youth fashion 2019: photos and image ideas

Youth fashion in 2019 is contrasting and original, which allows girls to choose bright images for themselves, with which they can express themselves and express themselves. In addition, the fashion trends of this season fully meet the needs of the modern teenager, and therefore youth trends today are not only original, but also very practical and comfortable to wear. Further in the article, we will tell you in more detail about what things young fashionistas should pay attention to in 2019, and which ones are best avoided.


Top Fashion Trends 2019

Fashion trends for girls today are very diverse, which makes it possible to create various bows, while emphasizing their individuality. Designers recommend young ladies to stock up on the following wardrobe items this season:

  • Hats. Today, this accessory is the main attribute of a casual look among young people. These can be both small hats and rather voluminous wide-brimmed ones, which are quite appropriate to wear both in summer, combined with a light sundress, and in winter, complete with a coat.

Interesting youth hats

  • Dress + sneakers. This trend allows girls to look elegant, but at the same time feel very comfortable. Therefore, stylists recommend to abandon high heels and wedges in favor of sports shoes during the daytime.

Trendy combination: sneakers + dress

  • There are not many layers. Thanks to the successful combination of several separate things, you can achieve the uniqueness and originality of the image, as well as during the day, depending on the weather, make changes to your outfit.

Layered Images

  • Oversize. This direction of clothing style is one of the main ones in the field of fashion, which has been popular both among women and among young people for more than a year. Such elements of the wardrobe as sweaters, dresses, jeans and coats, when properly combined, look very original and at the same time completely hide figure flaws.

Oversized in pastel colors

  • Glossy textures and metallics. Today, shine and radiance are in fashion, therefore, stylists recommend girls to wear this kind of thing for both daytime outfit and evening.

Blinding metallic glitter

  • MOM jeans and boyfriends. These two models are especially relevant this season. They got their demand due to practicality and versatility, as they can be combined with different tops, including classic shirts, as well as blouses.

Stylish high waisted jeans

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Pay your attention to the fact that a high fit is in fashion today, which not only emphasizes all the smooth curves of the body, but also hides visible figure flaws.[/stextbox]

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  • Short jackets. They are also a universal thing in the basic girl’s wardrobe. This jacket can be easily combined with both jeans and a light dress. In addition, it will not only create a finished look for the finished image, but also protect it from coolness.

Cropped jackets

  • Jeez stuff. Today, the trend among teenage fashion is not only jeans trousers, but also shirts, sundresses, shorts, jackets, cardigans and even dresses. These things are so versatile and practical that you can create very original and stylish images with them. As for the design, it can be simple and concise, or with the presence of various stripes, embroidery, beads, stones, and other elements of decorative fittings.

fashion denim

[stextbox id=’info’]You can make your denim clothes more original and stylish on your own. To do this, you just need to study the photo on the Internet with detailed master classes, purchase the missing sewing accessories and get to work.[/stextbox]

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  • Complex color combinations. The combination of pastel colors with bright and rich colors is one of the main hits of 2019 among youth fashion. Girls are encouraged to pay attention to blue, mustard, orange and emerald colors in combination with various prints.

Sophisticated colors

  • Lace. For several years now, it has been a popular material that is used both for decorative finishing of things and for making clothes in general. Therefore, this season, a girl’s wardrobe cannot do without lace, even if it is present even in the smallest amount.

Light lace dresses

New in the trends of the winter season

The autumn-winter 2019 season for girls has prepared original novelties in the youth fashion segment, with which you can create a stylish outfit that stands out from other peers. Designers for young ladies for the cold season recommend to acquire the following things:

  • warm vests;

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Today, the absolute trend of this season are vests made of faux fur and dyed in bright acid colors.[/stextbox]

Oversized and rich shades of the winter season

  • oversized outerwear;
  • voluminous sweatshirts;
  • tight-fitting trousers and leggings with an animal print;
  • knitted sweaters;
  • cardigans.

As for the color palette, in 2019 the leading couturiers abandoned the usual black, gray and brown. The colors in youth clothes should be bright and saturated, therefore, this season it is advisable to turn your eyes to yellow, mustard, green, burgundy and berry.

New summer youth fashion

The youth fashion trends of the spring-summer season in 2019 provide for the adoption of complex combinations in creating an image for girls and a complete lack of emphasis on one style only. For example, in a choice between a light dress and a combination of short shorts and a men’s style shirt, your preference is best given to the second option.

Stylish culottes and flared trousers with crop tops

Getting ready for graduation

Speaking about the trends of 2019, you can’t miss the main novelties of evening youth fashion for girls, since summer is the time for graduations. Therefore, it is only natural that every fashionista is looking for a unique outfit, thanks to which she will become the queen of the evening.

Delicate dresses for young girls for graduation

This season, designers offer prom girls to wear airy outfits that create a light and feminine look. Therefore, it is better to refuse heavy and oversaturated styles with accessories, but silk and lace models of pastel-colored dresses will be just right.

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For girls in 2019, fashion trends in the youth fashion segment are very diverse and multifaceted, which allows each young lady to show her individuality and at the same time be in trend. The most important thing is to use the latest stylists in accordance with your taste, and not lose yourself in the pursuit of fashion.


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