Youth fashion 2019

Youth fashion 2019 is fickle, unpredictable and very interesting. We advise you to decide now what you will wear in the new season and what interesting combinations you will come up with. And with us, as usual, hot information about the most current trends and novelties that must be in the youth wardrobe.


About trendy colors

  • The fashionable color palette of the new season pleases with its diversity and brightness. The trend is coral, yellow, gold, red, orange, blue, aquamarine and ripe strawberries. They are not far behind the classics: black and white.

Stylish denim

  • If you have items with polka dot print in your wardrobe, their finest hour has come! It can be anything: from dresses and blouses to accessories. Playful polka dots are beautiful in any of its manifestations.

  • Creative youth today stands for bold decisions and bright images. The portrait print trend supports this trend. Do not hesitate to purchase a dress, cardigan or leggings with the image of Marilyn Monroe in the style of Andy Warhol as in the photo or with another portrait. It’s very stylish!

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Bright pop art print

  • Everything is also in trend cell and geometry.


For stylish guys and girls, the bandana trend is back. Fashion shows of the spring-summer season showed how to do it right. This stylish accessory flaunted on the necks of the models, on the hands and bags. Also, designers suggest tying a bandana on the head or ankle. As you can see, the practicality of this accessory rolls over!

Bandana in style

White total look

A separate trend in youth fashion is the style of minimalism. It is very easy to follow this trend. It is only necessary when compiling a bow to adhere to the principle “the less, the better.” At shows from top designers, the trend of “white minimalism” was easily traced. Models dressed from head to toe in a cool shade of this color and looked flawless. Try it too!

White bow for spring and summer

boiled denim

The youth fashion of the spring-summer 2019 season treats boiled denim with special trepidation. This is a cool trend that is experiencing its triumphant return from the vibrant 80s. The number one thing is, of course, a denim jacket of a similar color. See for yourself how easy and fun it is to create cool bows. Also in active use, fashionistas will have jeans, jackets, overalls and jackets.

Fashionable washed jeans


It’s hard to limit yourself to just a leather jacket when this stunning texture is the unequivocal hit of the season. Black leather always looks sexy and daring, and in 2019 you can use this property to the fullest. The trend is also burgundy, blue and beige texture. If you had a leather total look in your wildest fashion fantasies, it’s time to make it a reality.

Images with leather things


Where to look for inspiration when drawing up the next trendy bow? In the legendary film “The Matrix”! And immediately after watching, you can put on a long black coat, patent leather clothes and rough boots. Don’t forget to add miniature glasses to such a cool look and go! – conquer everyone with your individuality and knowledge of the main trends.

“Matrix” on the podium


If you are a happy owner of slender legs and a beautiful figure, you should not hide your dignity in baggy long uniforms. Decide on a provocative mini – this length is at the peak of popularity this season. If you are afraid to look revealing, choose a concise and closed cut for such clothes.

Stylish mini

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Sparkle anytime, anywhere

Shiny clothes can be a worthy decoration for your images and their main accents. Do not be afraid of excessive attention to your person. Behind these views will be hidden only admiration!

In the cold season, you can shine in a sweater made of shiny threads, and in the summer you can not do without a sparkling jumpsuit. It is easy to find a use for a top with glitter, which can be included even in everyday bows. If you want to make a splash at a party, choose a sequined dress or a sparkling jumpsuit (one-shoulder style is the most fashionable!).

Glitter in all its glory


If earlier the bustier was exclusively a piece of underwear, today such a piece of clothing has comfortably taken root even in casual style. In trend cropped bustier with wide straps. This style in the best way emphasizes the female breast and slim figure.

Bustier tops in looks

Pair the bustier with high rise bottoms. It can be trousers, jeans and skirts of various lengths. In search of a spectacular evening look, you can also opt for a bustier paired with a long skirt.


This season neoprene is used not only for diving suits and swimwear. Today it is one of the most trendy materials for tops, skirts and turtlenecks. Any of these things looks extraordinary and cool.

Neoprene upper

Thinking about what kind of thing to buy from neoprene? You can’t go wrong with this stylish t-shirt to add to your wardrobe. In daytime looks, it is easy to combine it with wide trousers and jeans of various styles, and an unforgettable evening look will be paired with an airy layered skirt.

Bright neoprene suits

Sports to the masses

Even if you are far from an athlete, you must have things in your wardrobe that seem to be for training in the new season. Stripes and sport chic in all their diversity are still in trend. This is the best way to combine comfort and style in one look.

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Comfortable sporty style


You can combine as many things in one bow as your imagination allows. This trendy technique will allow you to not depend on weather conditions and look very cool.

Layered Images

Top things you can’t live without in 2019

If you think your wardrobe needs a fashionable shake-up, read on to see what you can’t go wrong with.


Youth fashion trends in 2019 are distinguished by their brightness and eccentricity. Look at the photo to see what the most relevant jacket style looks like this season. Fashionistas love puffy and voluminous options that look very cool. In addition, they are not afraid of frost and cold.

Cropped down jacket

If you are looking for more classic options, you will surely be pleased with the relevance of the oversized coat. This style is so fond of designers and fashionistas that it has not left the list of trends for several seasons in a row.

oversized coat

The following outerwear will also be in fashion:

  • leather jacket or raincoat;
  • bright windbreaker;
  • Jean jacket;
  • eco fur coat;
  • lightweight fabric coat.

Down coat

[stextbox id=’info’]The main requirement for outerwear will be comfort and freedom of movement.[/stextbox]


Practical sweatshirts also support the oversized trend and freedom.



Keeps a course on comfort and a trend on knitted things. Knitted suits with a skirt or pants are excellent…

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