Youth fashion – autumn 2019

Youth fashion in the fall 2019 season is a variety of styles, colors and new products. Such a rich selection of trends guarantees: a fashionista with any taste will be on a stylish wave!


What colors to choose

  • In the autumn season, juicy fuchsia, orange, yellow and ultraviolet color will not let you get bored.

  • Deep colors traditional for autumn will also be in fashion – blue, rich red, gold, emerald.

  • Since the summer season, pleasant pastel colors have also remained with us. At the top of popularity were nude, dusty pink, beige, lavender, pale blue and gray shades.

  • In the 2019 season, clothes, shoes and accessories in metallic shades are in great demand.

  • Pleasant leopard print remains in trend along with other animalistic colors.

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  • Designers also recommend not to rush to say goodbye to the floral print, because it looks especially charming in autumn looks.

  • The queen of fall prints is plaid in all its manifestations. You definitely won’t go wrong if you start your autumn shopping with a coat or jacket in this color scheme. Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, a cage is acceptable even for overweight girls. The main thing is to take into account its diagonal direction. For example, for plus size parameters, the houndstooth print is perfect.

Key trends


The main object of desire of young people this season is leather clothing. The naturalness of the texture does not matter, many fashionistas have proven that you can look cool in eco-leather. The color and texture of the leather is also not strictly regulated by the 2019 fashion, so you can rely on both matte and patent leather.

Leather is beautiful in classic black and equally beautiful in brown, red, burgundy or blue. The most stylish embodiment of this trend is the leather total look.

But to be in trend, it is not necessary to wear leather from head to toe. Versatile and beloved among young people, a leather jacket can also become the main character of stylish looks.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! We offer to adopt a fashionable combination of this outerwear with a cap and an actual checkered print.[/stextbox]

Military style

In the autumn 2019 season, it is impossible to pass by various manifestations of military style. It can be camouflage colors, metallized large buttons, shoulder straps, characteristic colors of the direction – olive, sand, khaki and brown.


The oversized style touched almost all youth clothing. The main rule of such an image is that at least one element should be chosen in a tight-fitting format.


Padded jacket

The leader of the wish list of all fashionistas in the 2019 season is an inflated jacket. Such models only at first glance look rather cumbersome, but in fact they perfectly emphasize the fragility and harmony of a fashionista.

They also protect against cold and wind at “5+”, therefore they become the most practical trend of youth fashion in autumn 2019.

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Sheepskin coats

On the fashionable Olympus, sheepskin coats are also relevant, as well as models of bright and pastel colors or with a combination of materials.


An important novelty of youth fashion is a bomber jacket. Of course, such outerwear is familiar to us from past seasons, but in the fall of 2019 it has significantly expanded its stylistic possibilities. Now a bomber jacket can be brutal, sporty, daring, romantic or classic – it all depends on the tastes of a fashionista or fashionista. The hit of the season is the combination of textures, which is also reflected in the design of outerwear.

Bombers with slogans that help young people to express their individuality are still in demand.

Quilted jackets

Stitch is the unequivocal hit of the season, so jackets and accessories with this texture are automatically considered trendy.

fashion clothes

Bicycle shorts

Sports style is a definite favorite of today’s youth. Therefore, the wild popularity of bicycles has become a completely expected trend.

The onset of autumn is no reason to say goodbye to your favorite trend, because you can come up with stylish combinations with a sweatshirt, blazer, jacket and layered ensembles. You can also bet on tighter denim bike shorts.

Bright sweaters

Large-knit sweaters in bright colors are the most fashionable anti-depressant of the season. Having studied the current palette at the beginning of this article, you were convinced that autumn 2019 welcomes juicy and bright colors in clothes. Treat yourself to a sweater in yellow, red, orange, purple or blue and create your own stylish looks. The advantage of this top is that it adds style to any basic bottom, such as high-waisted jeans or a miniskirt.

Ripped jeans

Jeans with ripped details have been popular with young people for the past 4 years. Only now the trend is small scuffs and holes.

Ripped denim can only compete with high-rise jeans. Boyfriends and mom are recognized as the most relevant models. The color can be typical for autumn – blue, but light blue shades are also in fashion. Just remember that the trend is monochromatic colors with no scuffs.


Another trendy thing that should be present in the autumn wardrobe is a sweatshirt. Fashion 2019 announces solid color models and slogan sweatshirts as its favorites.


In autumn, nowhere without a sweatshirt. The main feature of this clothing is that it now coexists not only with jeans, but also with dresses, skirts and trousers.

Attention to detail

Belt bags

Fashion for waist bags was instantly picked up by young people a few seasons ago. This autumn, a practical accessory did not think to give up its positions. The waist bag is harmoniously combined with various outerwear, with sweatshirts and turtlenecks. It allows you to take with you everything you need and at the same time free your hands.


Belts with inscriptions are another fashionable way to diversify the autumn look.

Fashionable bows

  • Hoping for warm weather in September, many fashionistas are in no hurry to put their jeans on the far shelf. And they do it right! Usually the temperature on the thermometer allows you to show off in a denim jacket for at least a couple of weeks. Now it is fashionable to combine it with trousers with stripes and a sports sweatshirt or sweatshirt. You can also put into practice a combination with a knitted or tracksuit.

  • The trend for monochrome ensembles has already been mastered by many fashionistas, and autumn 2019 will be an occasion to put their knowledge into practice. Now actual monochrome bows are made in a bright or aristocratic beige palette.

  • Layering is still at the center of fashion trends. The most daring women of fashion love to combine several types of outerwear in one look. This is a rather complicated art, but the result of fashionable experiments is always beyond praise.

  • Details are always responsible for the style and originality of the image. In the autumn season they…

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