Youth fashion – autumn 2021

Youth fashion for autumn 2021 is bright, voluminous and original things, a mixture of different styles and trends, bold combinations and trendy bows. Such clothes are democratic, free in choosing colors, textures and combinations. Today we will talk about the main trends in youth fashion, show photos of the most successful autumn bows.

Features of youth fashion for autumn 2021

Clothing for young and active guys and girls has a number of fundamental differences from the wardrobe of mature people. It is characterized by courage, its own view of the world around it, outrageousness, brightness and catchiness. Age makes everyone stand out, demonstrating their own individuality.

For example, a tandem of a classic jacket and jeans is an acceptable autumn combination for today’s youth. Moreover, you can dress like this for a celebration, and for every day.

Do you want to know more about the main trends in youth fashion? Next, we’ll talk in more detail about things that will come in handy when compiling a stylish autumn outfit.


For boys and girls this season, stylists have offered casual and sporty jackets. The following models are considered the most fashionable:

  • bright windbreakers;
  • leather jackets;
  • jeans;
  • bombers.

Girls can look at trench coats in classic shades, as well as eco-fur jackets.

The main requirement is an original cut and bold combinations. So, classic trench coats and leather jackets can be safely worn on top of sweatshirts. Do not be afraid of layering in the image, as well as clothes that are several sizes larger, because the oversized style is still in fashion.


Jeans have been and remain the main subject of any youth wardrobe. Today, stylists offer many different models, so boys and girls can choose the style to their liking.

The most popular and in demand are narrow cropped jeans, models with scuffs. The novelty of the season will be trousers, combined from various shades of denim.

Girls should especially look at high-waisted trousers – they favorably stretch the silhouette, make the figure more slender and attractive. For guys, one of the most popular models are jeans gathered at the bottom with elastic bands.

Fashion experts recommend in the fall to combine denim trousers with loose sweaters, hoodies and sweatshirts. They will perfectly complement any youth image and will be a real find, both for young people with model forms, and for full guys and girls.


Remember that for young people, convenience and comfort are considered the most important parameters when choosing clothes? Therefore, tracksuits occupy a special place in youth fashion for the fall of 2021. Modern boys and girls are increasingly choosing such clothes for walking and even going to school. Designers, following the demand, in recent seasons offer a large selection of practical suits.

In the autumn season, knitted models of various colors and styles will be in trend. Girls should pay special attention to trendy sets with a cropped top, as well as suits in delicate nude shades.

Sweatshirts and hoodies

Such bright voluminous sports sweaters have been in trend for more than a season. Such clothes are especially popular among young people. This fall, give preference to oversized sweatshirts with original prints.


Modern girls rarely wear dresses, preferring more comfortable looks with jeans and joggers. However, stylists recommend that young women of fashion create a feminine autumn bow with dresses.

Stylish and interesting looks:

  • a combination of a light floral summer dress with a leather jacket and boots;
  • oversized models, complemented by a free coat;
  • free-cut knitted dresses.

Leather clothing

Leather items look very stylish and are perfect for creating an autumn look. Stylists recommend diversifying the outfit with loose-fitting leather trousers, a skirt and a leather jacket.

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Shoes, accessories, decor

The absence of heels and uncomfortable shoes are the main requirements for shoes that young people make. When choosing a stylish pair for fall 2021, sneakers and lace-up boots should be preferred. Girls can complement their wardrobe with stylish loafers, high-soled boots, ankle boots and low-cut over the knee boots.

In rainy weather, rubber boots will help to diversify the images. Moreover, stylists recommend wearing such waterproof shoes in the new season not only for girls, but also for guys.

Among the accessories in fashion in the fall will be:

  • leather belts;
  • shoulder bags;
  • bananas;
  • backpacks;
  • bright voluminous scarves and snoods.

The main requirement for trendy youth accessories is decor. It can be made in the form of large inscriptions, drawings, interesting prints, spikes, chains, zippers. A bright palette and a play of textures are also welcome.

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Youth fashion for autumn 2021 is bright and diverse, the photo examples presented in our article are a vivid confirmation of this. We hope that you will be able to draw ideas of stylish images from our article and attract the admiring glances of others with your appearance!

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