Youth jackets 2012: new fashion trends

Modern fashion is a field of almost no age, at least if you do not count the one that is created for children and teenagers. But all the other categories are purely optional.

For example, the same youth fashion today in the West is calmly worn by both representatives of a very young generation, that is, those who are 13-14 years old, and those who are 25 years old, and with a slightly different make-up – and even more. A small exception in this group are those models that were immediately focused on a specific age group, and then somewhat modified.

Youth style is extremely popular among designers, and many masters started with it. Therefore, in 2012 you can find such an incredible variety that pleases the eye. We can say that youth jackets 2012 – it’s just a huge sea of ​​choice, which is very easy to drown. Leather is still in demand, it is a versatile material that is very easy and very pleasant to work with in its own way. Here, designers create both images of sophisticated elegance that will look appropriate even on the most conservative men.

What’s in store for the new season?

The next season resembles in predictability a mad horse that has met the wick. The brightness of Yudashkin’s colors – that’s where the imagination can roam, is replaced by the sudden appearance of Japanese masters on the stage. There are so many anime fans that new trends have also penetrated into fashion – a certain recognizable moment is present in languid bright blue leather jackets with an abundance of ribbons and rings.

The Spanish brand Loewe decided that it was too early to give up their positions – and pleased them with severe unisex models with large rivets on the sleeves. Very practical, you can safely flaunt them in any weather and not worry about the result. And these are not cold in any weather: the Spaniards learn to appreciate practicality even in the most fashionable things, mindful of climate change, which is increasing, leaving inevitable traces. They are in fashion, these traces, why shouldn’t they be there?

What can clothes say about you?

Today, youth jackets help create part of an integral image that is in demand always and everywhere, no matter where you are. Fashion should carry out the idea of ​​following the essence correctly, helping to express what is inside. And it’s good when designers like Loewe follow this. Cavalli also upholds this never-ending truth. And the warmth of every family, every tradition wraps the shoulders of those who dare to defy fate and remain themselves like a soft veil. Those who decide to follow the right fashion.

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