Youth manicure 2020

The trends of the 2020 season turned out to be quite generous with stylish design ideas for youth manicure. Our article will help you choose the best idea from the best!


Matte top

A matte finish is an effective technique to add nobility, chic and an up-to-date reading to a manicure. In the 2020 season, it is especially important to combine such a top with muted natural shades, as well as with red varnish.

The hot trend of the 2020 season is also the combination of a matte texture with foil decor. Fashionistas fell in love with golden accents in such an up-to-date design. You can achieve the maximum effect of a manicure using a tandem matte finish with mica or liquid metal. The greatest radiance guarantees a combination with a nude foundation.


The 2020 season is the best time to embody the brightest, most stylish and unforgettable nail design with neon accents. Youth manicure can include bright pink, light green, lime, yellow, orange and electric blue accents. Such colors look especially stylish in fashionable geometric compositions.

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A simple staining technique will allow you to create a magnificent marble effect in a manicure, which is now fashionable to combine with shiny accents.

negative space

Many stylish ideas can come up with the negative space technique. The main feature of this style is unpainted transparent areas in the design, which give the final result lightness and originality.

There are 3 main methods that allow you to create the desired effect on the nails.

  • Adhesive tape or ordinary adhesive tape is a technique that does not require special skills from a girl and is easily repeated at home. This simple device will allow you to embody transparent lines and geometric shapes in your design. The creative process begins after creating a transparent base and drying it.
  • A brush or cotton swab treated with acetone will help create transparent areas in the finished design.
  • The most difficult level is the creation of a transparent base with the subsequent drawing of a color composition.


When creating a trendy design, you can ask the master to dilute it with a fashionable animal print. Zebra stripes, leopard spots and even cows will look the most stylish! Now it is relevant to combine such prints with other techniques, and not leave them the right to be present in the coating of each nail.

nude style

Youth manicure does not have to include bright accents. Many girls are also attracted to the nude style with a neutral light palette at the base. This is a practical solution that can be successfully combined with any look and pleases with its stylish look. But a restrained style does not mean a lack of originality at all – fashionable accents will follow the non-standard design.

A modest minimalist coating can be diluted with colored stickers. Following this simple principle, you will get an extremely fashionable design for the 2020 season.

Eternal red

Beautiful red lacquer is an undying classic that will probably always be in trend. This color should be in the arsenal of every fashionista, because it is perfectly combined with any shape and length of nails and is suitable for any occasion, including everyday life.

In the 2020 season, you can improve the scarlet manicure with the help of an ombre effect, empty holes, geometric elements, transparent inserts, foil, rubbing or stickers. A combination of red lacquer with other colors is also welcome. For example, you can rely on a win-win combination with black accents that always looks spectacular.

dark palette

Many fashionistas are often attracted by the aesthetics of black manicure. There is something dramatic and bold about it. In the 2020 season, other representatives of the dark range are called up as favorites – wine, blue, gray and brown tones.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interestingly, these colors look great on a short length.[/stextbox]


Rubbing is the very trend that has not lost its popularity for several seasons. However, such a fashionable trend is not at all surprising, because rubbing can give the nails a spectacular shine and shine. The list of top trends for 2020 includes holographic rub, mirrored top and metallic effect.


Youth manicure 2020 of the season can be embodied in an abstract design, which offers many stylish ideas for embodiment on short nails. There are no strict rules in this style, because creativity and freedom of action are at the forefront here. You can combine various geometric shapes, abstract lines, dots and textures in one nail art. What can come of this, our photo selection demonstrates.


A separate type of abstract design is a more concise manicure with wavy lines. Restrained performance does not deprive this nail art of creativity and originality – thanks to this, it is so in demand among the youth.

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The return of the jacket to the list of fashion trends was expected not only by women of elegant age, but also by young girls. The fact is that the most creative and original fantasies on the theme of classic French design are now popular. So, bright or multi-colored smiles will look cool, or these elements in an unusual shape.


Thanks to various textures in manicure design, it is now possible to embody real sea waves, stone textures, various fabrics, prints or a starry sky.

This style looks great with sparkles, which give the nail art sophisticated and stylish accents.


Actual nail art with strokes is just the case that the design combines simplicity of execution and originality of design.

Pastel strokes, as well as bright and contrasting elements, will be a 100% hit in the trends. You can safely place such a pattern on a transparent base, because the “naked manicure” is the unconditional trend of the 2020 season.


Modern women of fashion do not cease to confess their love for the style of minimalism. In this direction, everything is connected – originality, versatility, modernity and practicality. The main hit of the 2020 season is a laconic design with elements of geometry, inserts using the “negative space” technique, as well as creative fantasies on the theme of a classic jacket.

For stylish everyday life, a minimalist manicure in a strict black and white palette would be a great idea.

The youthful reading of minimalism is absolutely not against the participation of bright color accents in such a design.

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Among young people, inscriptions in nail design are invariably in demand, because this is a great way to express yourself and your worldview. Now in such a manicure less and less …

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