Zinc paste for the face: applying acne ointment

Zinc ointment is a very effective and absolutely undeservedly forgotten remedy that helps fight such an annoying and unpleasant phenomenon as acne. Unfortunately, they are faced not only by adolescents during the period of hormonal adjustment, but by absolutely all people of all ages. As the law of meanness, on the morning before any major event, a red swelling appears on your face, which unusually disfigures your appearance and significantly reduces self-esteem.

Every year, people spend millions on ointments, scrubs, serums, gels, and even drugs designed to fight inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Many of them contain parabens and preservatives that are quite harmful to the body, and hormonal drugs and antibiotics in general can cause irreversible damage and lead to unpredictable consequences. Of course, the use of such complex, expensive and rather dangerous drugs is justified in some cases, but for the vast majority, simple ones, proven for decades, known not only to our parents, but also to grandmothers, are suitable.

There are a lot of reasons for the appearance of acne, here are nutritional features, and ecology, and hormonal levels. But at the moment we will not discuss them. Our task is to consider such a simple and not at all expensive way to deal with inflammation, acne and pimples, like zinc ointment or paste.

The role of zinc in the body

Zinc, in itself, is one of the most important elements necessary for the proper functioning of our body. This element is very actively involved in maintaining immunity, building zinc-dependent hormones, including sex hormones, and protecting body cells from free radicals. Human skin contains about 20% of all zinc reserves in the body. As a result of research, it has been proven that people with acne have reduced levels of zinc.

Also, due to its disinfectant, drying, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing properties, it is included in cosmetics for oily, problem skin care, baby creams and lotions, preparations for pregnant women, as it helps to accelerate wound healing with prickly heat, diaper rash and dermatitis. When used externally, zinc-containing products do not cause any harm, because the amount of zinc absorbed through the skin is completely harmless.


The essence and general properties of the drug

Zinc ointment, or as it is correctly called, zinc oxide, in fact, is a suspension of this compound in petroleum jelly, it no longer contains any chemical compounds, which allows it to be considered completely natural. To obtain a safe drug in the desired consistency, it is made in a ratio of 1 part zinc oxide to 10 parts of petroleum jelly. Regular use of this ointment for the treatment of acne and teenage acne will reduce inflammation, dry the skin, help regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, and thanks to the pulling action, it will accelerate the maturation of the acne and its release. Zinc ointment is a very affordable drug that can be found in absolutely any pharmacy, and you will definitely be pleasantly surprised at its price.

This drug is commercially available in two forms:

  • Zinc ointment;
  • Salicylic-zinc ointment, or as it is also called, in honor of the creator of Lassar paste. It is distinguished from zinc ointment by the presence of wheat starch and salicylic acid in the composition.

Features of the use of zinc ointment

If you are going to start treating acne with zinc ointment, as with any other drug, do not forget a few simple rules. First, remember that your hands must be thoroughly washed and disinfected, preferably with rubbing alcohol or vodka. After all, through dirty hands, pathogenic bacteria and fungi can penetrate under the skin. Everyone knows that any cosmetic procedure should be carried out only on skin that has been cleansed of any impurities. Therefore, remove makeup, wash thoroughly and remove impurities with the help of special products for cleansing problematic and oily skin.

Before using the drug, do not forget to test it on a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin for an allergic reaction, which, although extremely rare, can still occur. Zinc ointment is applied in a thin layer, pointwise on the inflamed areas of the skin, up to six times a day, can be left overnight. An ear stick or a match may be suitable for applying the drug.


Features of the use of Lassara paste

Salicylic-zinc paste, in fact, is an analogue of zinc ointment, which has a significantly greater anti-inflammatory effect, due to the presence of salicylic acid in the composition, which makes its use on skin with acute inflammatory processes more effective. However, this drug has more contraindications. It is prohibited during pregnancy, in violation of kidney function, has age restrictions (not used under 12 years).

Lassar paste is applied, as well as zinc ointment, in a thin layer over the entire skin or pointwise on inflamed areas. Due to the strong drying effect, prolonged use can cause peeling or even burns on sensitive skin.

Skin care after using zinc ointment

The expected effect may not appear if during the treatment with zinc ointment you use decorative cosmetics very actively, regularly clogging your pores with powders, foundations and blushes. Thus, you yourself reset the results of the procedure done. Thus, women who simply cannot do without decorative cosmetics can afford treatment with zinc ointment only on weekends or at night. It is logical that in this case the visible result will have to be expected much longer.

The drug should be used with caution, and it is best to postpone its use for a while if your skin has wounds, acute purulent inflammation, especially near the mucous membrane.

Due to the presence of petroleum jelly, zinc ointment is quite oily, it is poorly washed off with water or even soap. To remove it, you can use a dry cloth, tar soap, a cotton swab, previously moistened with vegetable or olive oil. The latter option will add cosmetic effect to the healing effect, softening your skin and making it more elastic.


Consolidation of the result

In order for the effect of the drug to become noticeable, it must be used regularly, preferably every day, for at least two weeks.

Consider your diet, during treatment with zinc ointment, try to exclude foods rich in soy protein and copper, as they are…

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